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What is Public Cloud?

The Public Cloud provides you with on-demand infrastructure components such as compute, networking, and in some cases, services that sit on top of these infrastructure components. The infrastructure is generally shared in the sense that you have a fully isolated virtual machine; however, it is collocated with other virtual machines belonging to other customers in that cloud.


OpenStack Public Cloud

OpenStack Powered

OpenStack stands out among the plethora of cloud options because it provides the flexibility of technology virtualization like no other solutions available in the market. OpenStack is an enterprise cloud-based computing platform. It’s a highly successful open-source solution due to the numerous benefits it offers, such as allowing enterprises to control the storage, processing, and networking of resources throughout all areas of their data center. OpenStack has a healthy ecosystem, and users seeking commercial support can choose from different OpenStack-powered products and services in the market.

VEXXHOST is a high-performance cloud infrastructure provider that offers secure & reliable OpenStack based solutions for Developers & Enterprises. A cloud provider like VEXXHOST is all about progressiveness and providing the very best service for its customers. Some of the latest announcements include:

Passport Program

VEXXHOST is proud to join the Passport program as an OpenStack Passport Provider, allowing potential users to be free to roam the cloud right for them. VEXXHOST OpenStack Passport provides free trials of all public cloud services, including securely hosted virtual machines, networking, object or block storage, orchestration, load balancing, big data, file sharing, cloud images, and container services.

IPv6 Launch

After conducting all IPv6 tests, VEXXHOST’s infrastructure is automatically assigned an IPv6 address using SLAAC (stateless auto-configuration). This way, users do not have to do anything on their server and will see that it will have an existing pre-configured IPv6 address. Users can also find their IPv6 address in the control panel in the server overview as well.

SSH Public Key Authentication

Additionally, the company removed server passwords across its public and private cloud offerings. So, for all newly provisioned servers, they will have to be deployed with public and private key pairs for secure authentication. With the public key infrastructure in cloud computing, customers are now able to deploy anything within OpenStack by leveraging the standard tooling, which relies on public keys. Also, by taking out the cloud agent requirement on our servers, you can now upload any image to our platform, and it will run with zero problems at all. With this step, the public cloud has officially become 100% upstream, pure OpenStack.

Benefits of OpenStack Public Cloud

An OpenStack public cloud has multiple advantages such as self-management, shared hardware, replacing capital expenses (CAPEX) with operational expenses (OPEX), and modernizing applications when data center resources are limited. It also gives access to a wide range of languages, tools, and services. However, implementation of the public cloud is best suitable for companies where security and compliance are less of an issue.

Benefits for Enterprises

It does not matter whether your company is a multibillion-dollar publicly traded enterprise or a small startup; you can use OpenStack public clouds with services that compete with major public cloud providers. Benefits of public cloud are reaped by enterprises in terms of excellent industry support, compatibility user experience, cost-effectiveness, scalability, security, aiding observability and an easy to manage panel. We’re here to help you tackle any challenges of migrating to a public cloud solution.

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Core Infrastructure

Elevating Your Infrastructure Capabilities

Harness Core Infrastructure Services for operations. Enjoy fast VM provisioning, certified Kubernetes, high-performance Ceph-powered block storage, efficient load balancing, and seamless file sharing for a high-performing cloud experience.


Fast VM/bare metal provisioning, GPU support, nested virtualization, IPv6, with extended capabilities for specific editions.

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Certified Kubernetes distribution with seamless block storage integration, auto-healing, auto-scaling, and secure isolated clusters.

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Block Storage

High-performance storage powered by Ceph, offering resilient block storage for VMs, Kubernetes, with encryption.

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Object Storage

Ceph-powered Object Storage Service with S3/Swift compatibility, advanced bucket policies, for secure, scalable data storage.

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Load Balancing

API-accessible load balancing service with TLS termination and health checks for optimal application performance.

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File Sharing

API-driven file sharing service with native block storage integration providing NFS shares for VMs, Kubernetes.

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Network and Security

Empowering Network & Security Operations

Experience comprehensive networking with virtual routers, efficient DNS management, robust identity service, and secure key management. Benefit from features like network offloading, encryption, and key rotation for enhanced efficiency and security.


Leverage fully distributed networking with virtual routers, comprehensive topology, and network offloading features, powered by OVN.

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Flexible, scalable domain name system management with API access for efficient routing to internet applications.

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Robust Identity Service at cloud's heart supports application credentials, LDAP/SAML/OpenID connect integration for select editions.

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Key Management

Secure key management service with encryption, key rotation, TLS certificate storage, and HSM support for select editions.

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Advanced Data and Deployment

Streamlining Data & Deployment Processes

Leverage advanced orchestration for infrastructure as code, integrated image storage with tenant sharing, and high-performance big data service. Features include nested stacks, native block storage integration, and seamless tool integration.


Advanced Orchestration service for defining infrastructure as code, supporting nested stacks and all OpenStack resources.

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Integrated platform for image storage with tenant sharing and native block storage integration, powered by Glance.

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Big Data

High-performance Big Data service based on OpenStack Sahara, designed for scalability, efficiency, and seamless tool integration.

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Ensuring that your selected cloud vendor can deliver on all of your needs is vital. If you’re convinced with the power of OpenStack and want to look into it further, then VEXXHOST offers OpenStack in their services. With VEXXHOST you get a fully-managed infrastructure or support as needed.

With VEXXHOST as your IaaS provider you won’t have the stress of being locked-in to a specific cloud. Since OpenStack powers the offering, VEXXHOST can offer unbiased expertise to deliver the right multi-cloud strategy to your company even at an application by application basis.

VEXXHOST also offers several cloud solutions which are secured by their trusted data center regions, so that you can begin and continue your cloud journey with confidence, no matter where in your cloud journey you may be. VEXXHOST ensures the security of your cloud with their trusted data center regions and best-practices or your cloud. For more information on how VEXXHOST can help you,, contact us!

“I don’t really know what I don’t know,” He bounces potential solutions off Naser, VEXXHOST’s CEO. “It’s more consultative than just a service provider.”

Tim Gunter, COO, Vanilla Forums

Public Cloud Pricing

A public cloud solution has its own set of advantages when it comes to cost-efficiency. Primarily, public clouds are considered to be the least wasteful deployment option since they offer on-demand provisioning of resources. It enables the customer to avoid investments or capacity planning exercises altogether, a notable differentiator from private cloud deployment. Additionally, companies can save money with public cloud pricing by sidestepping fees for management or support, and discounts are sometimes offered as well for longer-term contract agreements.

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