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At VEXXHOST, we offer cost-conscious, complete, and widely flexible infrastructure and cloud solutions, allowing users to take advantage of:
  • Fully Managed Infrastructure

  • Flexible & Customizable Services

  • Enterprise Grade Security

  • Multiple Deployment Methods

  • Multi-Architecture Infrastructure

  • All-in-One Access To All Your Services

  • Comprehensive Suite Of Solutions

  • Support Dedicated To Your Success


VEXXHOST has eight years of experience contributing to and using open source technologies like OpenStack and Kubernetes as the backbone of its infrastructure. Our mission is to offer you the benefits of a high-performance, community-driven, license-free solution without the hassle of managing it yourself.


VEXXHOST has been providing infrastructure-as-a-service OpenStack Public Cloud and Private Cloud services to customers since 2006. From small businesses to global companies, we deliver a high level of expertise, enabling them to not only achieve an optimized cloud infrastructure but also empowering them to focus on their core competencies.

Additionally, VEXXHOST offers Cloud Solutions to help users architect, configure, and optimize their cloud infrastructure, reducing expenses, and increasing productivity.

See how Opta Information Intelligence reduced its processing time and increased their internal operational efficiency by leveraging VEXXHOST platform

“On our first attempt, we ran half a trillion links across 70 nodes which took about 80-90 days. Since we moved to the new VEXXHOST’s platform, it only takes 3 days!”
Jin Lee, Senior Data Scientist, Opta


Cloud Economics White PaperWhite Paper: Your Guide to Cloud Economics: Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud

Finance is a standard part of business and impacts any and all decisions made by organizations. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to cloud computing and selecting a platform, companies want to not only get the best fit for their needs, but they want it to be the most cost-effective solution as well.

Conquer the competition with OpenStack CloudWhite Paper: Conquer the Competition with OpenStack Cloud

You need IT infrastructure that works now and adapts to the unforeseen changes of the future, and you need it now to get and stay competitive. While cloud growth has been massive year-over-year, you can still get ahead of the curve. VEXXHOST breaks it down for you here, and we’ll give you a hint. The foundation of your cloud should be OpenStack. Now let’s explore why.

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