Experience a seamless, integrated platform for all your image storage needs. Effortlessly share images across tenants and enjoy native integration with the block storage platform. Powered by Glance, this service simplifies and enhances your cloud experience.

Public Cloud


Multi-tenant cloud hosted out of our global datacenters, billed per minute.

Private Cloud


Single-tenant dedicated cloud hosted out of our global datacenters, billed per month.


Open source cloud platform hosted in your datacenter, with support or remote ops.

Efficient Image Management

Reliable Image Service for Streamlined Operations

Our Image Service provides efficient image management with features like snapshots, signed image validation, and seamless integration with block storage.

Simple API
All Editions

Leverage a simple yet powerful API to upload images, making it easy to add new images to your environment and streamline your operations.

All Editions

Create snapshots of server images for backup or replication, making it easy to preserve and duplicate your configurations.

Efficient Operation

Utilize copy-on-write for efficient booting of servers and cost-effective storage, optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Signed Images
All Editions

Ensure the integrity and security of your images with signed image validation, providing an extra layer of protection for your data.

Image Sharing
All Editions

Share multiple image types across projects or with specific users, providing flexibility and control over image distribution.

Block Storage Integration
All Editions

Seamlessly integrate with block storage, leveraging Cinder for efficient image storage and management.

Central Image Repository

Enjoy stress-free updates through OpenStack’s centralized image storage service.

  • Duplication

    OpenStack’s image storage service provides users with the ability to copy or take a snapshot of a server image and store it away.

  • Resolves Configuration Drift

    Through the immutable server and centralized image repository that encompasses your entire infrastructure, updates are made unanimously, eliminating the possibility of configuration drift.


Makes Use of Copy-on-Write

Employ OpenStack’s image storage’s copy-on-write to ensure quick and efficient booting of your servers.

  • Saves Money

    Through copy-on-write’s thin provisioning, users can reduce their disk usage, in turn reducing their costs.

  • Saves Time

    Stored images can be used as templates to get new servers up and running quickly and more consistently if you are provisioning multiple servers instead of installing a server operating system and configuring additional services manually.


Signed Image Validation

Maintain image security through signed image validation using OpenStack’s Glance.

  • Secure Uploads

    Glance enables the validation of uploaded image data before storing it. This way, should the validation be unsuccessful, the upload will fail, and the image will be deleted.

  • Secure Downloads

    OpenStack’s Glance is compatible with other OpenStack services, ensuring that it can perform data verification upon the image download.


Share Multiple Image Types Across Tenants

Take advantage of the sharing capabilities delivered by OpenStack’s Glance as well as the extensive compatibility it offers for image types.

  • Sharing With Specific Users

    This type of sharing consists of privately uploaded images intended for the producer.

  • Sharing With All Users

    This type of sharing is known as community sharing, meaning that any consumer can find it through a search.


Virtual Machine Compatible

Glance isn’t restricted based on server type as it can boot up virtual machine servers.

  • Server Agnostic

    Through OpenStack’s extensive services, such as Cinder and Ironic, Glance is capable of booting up virtual machine servers.

  • RESTful API

    Glance’s RESTful API enables the querying of virtual machine image metadata and retrieving the actual image.


Block Storage Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with OpenStack’s Cinder for all of your image storage needs.

  • Leverages One Unified Platform

    Benefit from OpenStack’s advanced technologies through Glance’s simplified integration with their Cinder block storage service, all on your original infrastructure.

  • Expert Storage

    With Cinder from OpenStack, Glance can take advantage of available storage space for any of its images, taking advantage of its easy-to-use virtualization of block storage management.


We ❤️ Open Source

🎊Atmosphere is an open source project built by us.

Atmosphere stands out as a fully certified and conformant open-source platform. With both OpenStack powered certification and certified Kubernetes, it has passed all conformance tests. This guarantees a robust, high-performance, and reliable solution for your cloud needs.

OpenStack PoweredCertified Kubernetes

Learn more about Atmosphere

Explore Atmosphere's test environment for seamless VMs, bare metal, and Kubernetes deployment. Unlock cost-saving advantages with our open-source solution.

  • All Editions
  • Seamlessly deploy and manage VMs, Kubernetes clusters, bare metal, and more.
  • Leverage Terraform, Ansible or APIs directly powered by OpenStack & Kubernetes
  • Experience cost savings with a purely open source solution across the entire stack.
  • Hosted
  • Integrated monitoring, logging, and alerting streamline day 2 operations powered by a modern Prometheus stack.
  • Benefit from built-in Ceph-powered storage solution, including options like Pure Storage and more.
  • Securely powered by Keycloak with LDAP support for authentication and SAML/OpenID Connect integration.

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