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About VEXXHOST – Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Established in 2006, VEXXHOST was initially a web hosting provider offering services from shared hosting to VPS. With the advancement in cloud technologies allowed, VEXXHOST moved to more innovative options such as cloud hosting. The positive response to the leap to cloud-based hosting encouraged VEXXHOST to invest further cloud-based solutions. In 2011, VEXXHOST adopted OpenStack software for its infrastructure. Since then, VEXXHOST has been actively using and contributing to OpenStack. Currently, VEXXHOST provides infrastructure-as-a-service OpenStack Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud solutions to customers, from small businesses to enterprise across the world.

VEXXHOST is committed to working with its users to help architect, configure and optimize their cloud infrastructure to reduce expenses and increase productivity. VEXXHOST delivers a high level of expertise to help clients optimize cloud infrastructure so they can focus on their core competencies.

With our operational experience of running Canada’s biggest OpenStack public cloud and many large private clouds, we can help you by:

  • Running your cloud without a vendor lock-in
  • Reducing costs by offering competitive pricing compared to other providers
  • Accelerate ability to innovate and increase internal operational efficiency
  • Provide complete end-to-end planning, architecture and best practices support

OpenStack Involvement

Private Cloud Hosting Companies and Cloud Computing StrategyVEXXHOST have been contributing to the OpenStack community since its second release in 2011. We have had a presence in the community by regularly attending OpenStack summits and being part of the Interop challenge during the Boston summit in 2017. You can read about the Interop challenge here. We have hosted OpenStack Canada day and help organize the Montreal OpenStack meetup. Our co-founder Mohammed Naser, who is the PTL for Puppet OpenStack, has given talks at Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto OpenStack meetups.

We also play a part in the community by actively contributing upstream code and sharing feedback with PTLs and developers. When we encounter bugs, we report them, diagnose them and work with the community to get a full fix in. We are active on the mailing list and provide feedback and fixes.

We are corporate sponsors and infrastructure donors for the OpenStack infrastructure team.

We run exclusively OpenStack managed services across our entire infrastructure. We offer fully certified OpenStack powered cloud solutions that have been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services. Our offering is fully open source without any proprietary licensed technology. We are currently running Queens which is the latest release of OpenStack. We were able to implement the update on all our clouds within less than a week of the release.


Montreal, Canada

Our data center, located in Montreal, QC, Canada, can tolerate multiple failures which ensures that your data will continue to be accessible in disaster situations. With enough fuel to power the site for 30 days without refuelling, no disaster will stop your service.

The security and privacy of your data are extremely important to us. All of your data is located in a secure SSAE-16 facility which has undergone SOC Type 2 audit. The facility also possesses excellent local connectivity (~15ms). Given that all the data centers are located in Canada, all your data is protected by Canadian privacy laws.

Our datacenter infrastructure is extremely power efficient allowing it to be one of the greenest data centers in the world. Our entire power supply is supplied by hydroelectricity power which means that our servers are powered 100% by green energy.

Santa Clara, United States

Newly announced, our Santa Clara, California data center will bring the same pristine standards of data security and storage to the United States, including secure SSAE-16 facility which has undergone SOC Type 2 audit. The Silicon Valley region is also equipped with nested virtualization, 40Gbit internal networking for high throughput and low latency, optimal for processing big data, and 10Gbit public internet connection.
This region is currently running the latest release of OpenStack, Rocky.


VEXXHOST’s infrastructure is built on OpenStack. The open source software allows you to use open standards without worrying about vendor lock-in or compatibility issues.

VEXXHOST is a Canadian company with data centers located in Montreal, Quebec. All your data is protected by Canadian privacy laws.

VEXXHOST’s end-to-end support helps you best architect and optimize your cloud usage. The support will allow you to focus on your applications and not worry about your infrastructure.

VEXXHOST is proud to have some of the industries biggest names as partners.

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