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Get a high-performance OpenStack cloud tailor-made for your needs and yet remains affordable. VEXXHOST Private Cloud – starting at just $300 per node.

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Leverage the Power of an OpenStack Cloud. 


OpenStack-Powered Solution

Take advantage of our cloud solutions tested and deployed using OpenStack software, providing API compatibility for OpenStack core services. Furthermore, we ensure that you your private is always run using the latest release of OpenStack.

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Get Certified Kubernetes

VEXXHOST is a Silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the governing body of Kubernetes. VEXXHOST’s Kubernetes solution is certified by the CNCF, meaning you can easily migrate your cluster with us.


APIs and CLI

Use APIs to easily administer hosted private cloud resources. Additionally, an efficient CLI can utilize the APIs to provide fast and easy access to cloud administrators.


Use The Projects You Need

Get the right projects you need for operations – from a simple OpenStack cloud including the most popular projects to highly customized ones with rarely used projects, our support is right there with you.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Benefit from our decade-worth of experience with OpenStack. We’ve been running the platform since its second release, Bexar, in 2011. We are also active contributors to the open source giant and a SuperUser award winner for our expertise in it.

Global availability

No Vendor Lock-in

The open source nature of OpenStack ensures that there are no vendor-lock ins for your systems while using our services. It is a highly flexible solution where migrations to and from are easily possible.

Get the Cloud You Want, Where You Want.

Benefit from a cloud provider that understands the unique nature of your organization and has developed multiple ways to cater to your private cloud needs. Regardless of whether you need your cloud on-premise, in our data center, or any of your data centers in the world, we make it happen!

Hosted Cloud

Hosted Private Cloud

Get a private infrastructure with high availability, hosted and fully managed by our expert team. Focus on your core business while we support you with a dedicated cloud infrastructure capable of taking on the most critical workloads.

On premises

Fully Managed

Modernize your infrastructure and reap the numerous benefits of being in a single-tenant cloud with our fully managed private cloud solution. From compute and storage to testing and more, we manage your critical infrastructure workloads and make them seamless while you focus on what you do best.

One-time Deployment

Our one-time deployment solution gives you the freedom to fully manage your cloud while we take care of the foundation for it. We deploy the private cloud at your preferred location using hardware you require and ensure you have a comfortable launchpad to take your business forward.

Supported Cloud

We are here when you need cloud support. This service offers you access through a 24/7 ticketing system where our expert team will immediately implement best practices to solve your cloud issues, perform basic troubleshooting, and necessary bug fixes

Benefit from Our Vast Expertise and Industry Best Practices

With over 10 years of experience with OpenStack-based clouds, we implement industry best practices on all our solutions. This means that we know what to include what to avoid.


High Availability

Ensure high availability along with continuous operation and uptime using controllers custom-designed to eliminate single points of failure.


If a Kubernetes worker running OpenStack control plane fails, the self-healing system will immediately generate duplicate workloads on available capacity.


Get stable performance regardless of traffic spikes and downtimes with independent control-plane components capable of scaling automatically.

Ceph Powered

Leverage the power of Ceph for your storage with benefits including easy adoption, high availability, high performance, better security, and cost control.

Triple Replicated

We replicate your storage thrice providing you with additional layers of backup and recovery options in case of a disaster. Yes, we go the extra mile for you.

Dedicated Compute

Ensure the best performance and control with dedicated nodes in isolated locations instead of a hyperconverged infrastructure.

All-in-One Environment

Benefit from an all-in-one environment that is capable of running bare metal, virtual machines, and Kubernetes.


Take advantage of our multi-architecture cloud capabilities using Intel x86 and Arm 64-bit architecture, capable of handling all your unique business requirements.

High-Performance Computing

GPUs have a highly parallel structure and perform computations much faster than CPUs. Get GPUs in your cloud for faster processing of vast data, reduced cloud costs, and increased productivity.

Launch Your High-Performance Private Cloud with VEXXHOST!