Managed Zuul

Stop merging broken code.

What you’ll get

VEXXHOST’s Managed Zuul offering gives you a continuous integration and continuous delivery tool that stops broken code from merging. With Zuul, code only merges if all tests pass. Thanks to its open-source, open-design nature, any organization can harness the power of Zuul. VEXXHOST is here to help by ensuring that Zuul is delivered as a fully managed solution and by providing you with the necessary support for it.

How Zuul Works

Project Gating

Broken code shall not pass! Make sure your changes merge when they are confirmed to work without disruption through Zuul’s systematic gatekeeping.

High Performance

Project Gating

Because Zuul’s automation ranges from simple commit checks to the full release process, you can rest easy knowing that any code merged into an application has passed all functional and regressional tests.

Cross-Project Dependencies

Never stress over dependencies again. With Zuul, you can specify that a change is dependent on another change in any known repository; this also includes changes in another project with projects residing in different systems. Testing of such changes can be done through both dependent or independent pipelines, always ensuring that dependencies are accounted for.

Cross-Project Testing

Testing your new code across multiple projects has never been easier. Even if a code is dependent on several other systems, Zuul ensures that the systems are tested together through a shared queue before landing even a single patch.

Testing in Parallel

Save time with Zuul’s parallel testing that queues changes based on the order in which they got approved. It creates speculative future states with a bunch of changes and tests them with the assumption they are all going to pass. If one change is dependent on another, Zuul will instruct the test system to include the changes ahead of it to perform integrated testing. Depending upon the result of these tests, Zuul can rearrange changes as needed to make sure that they can merge.

Fully Managed

Don’t do it alone. With VEXXHOST, you not only get a managed service but also the additional assistance to maintain it whenever needed.


Management & Support

Let us do the heavy lifting! With VEXXHOST, you can consume Zuul as a service without having to worry about the infrastructure layer underneath. You also benefit from additional support through constant monitoring and upgrades, included as a part of our offering.

Tested Solution

We know Zuul first hand. Zuul has been tested against our cloud to make sure it works efficiently and effectively. VEXXHOST also uses Zuul internally for continuous integration, assuring that you are receiving an excellent solution that has been tried and tested by your solution provider.


Experienced Cloud Provider

Put our experience to work for you! With VEXXHOST’s experience as an infrastructure provider, you can focus on your core competencies while we take care of the rest.

Deep Ansible Integration

For all your third-party modules, there’s the Ansible ecosystem.

  • No New Language

    Let Ansible uncomplicate your deployments. You have the option of your software being deployed anywhere between bare metal, virtual machines, containers, and network switches. Additionally, you benefit from using the same Ansible playbooks to deploy systems and run tests, making it repeatable without side effects.

  • Easy Orchestration

    Tackle your orchestration needs with Ansible. Through its clear syntax and task-based nature, you gain a simple way to orchestrate an application’s deployment. Ansible’s library of modules and extensibility also allows you to orchestrate between multiple machines. All of this happens using a straightforward language while ensuring that tasks in the playbook are carried out in sequence.

Single Tenant

Multi-cloud Compatibility

No infrastructure driver is a problem with Zuul’s wide compatibility range.

  • Compatible Drivers

    VEXXHOST’s managed Zuul offering is here to make sure your CI is automated and running irrespective of your cloud infrastructure provider, whether it’s OpenStack, Openshift, Kubernetes, or AWS EC2.

    Zuul requests single-use test nodes to execute Zuul jobs. Upon Zuul’s request, Nodepool launches a blank node every time to run tests. Zuul’s compatibility allows for the nodes to be chosen from any of the above infrastructures, ensuring that the selected node is best suited for your infrastructure driver.

Dynamic Configurations

Make limitations a thing of the past with Zuul’s flexible configurations and multi-repository dependencies.


Highly Flexible

Zuul lets you focus on the now with the flexibility of creating ad hoc CI tests for precisely what you are working on at the moment.


Git Driven

Make yourself at home with Zuul’s support of different development platforms like Gerrit, GitHub, and GitHub Enterprise.

Additional Benefits

But wait, there’s more! Check out the other amazing perks of our Managed Zuul offering.

Multi-Tenant Design

You have easy access to a mix of both centralized policy and compliance, and decentralized organization for scalability and velocity.


Build Log Support

Stay in the know with Zuul’s build log support. You can take advantage of watching long-running jobs in progress through realtime build log streaming.


Big or small, Zuul does it all! Zuul has proven itself with massive workloads like that of OpenStack, but is also suitable for small and medium-sized workloads. Coupled with VEXXHOST’s years of experience in providing managed solutions, you benefit from both a scalable tool and a capable service provider.


Drives Innovation

Zuul lets you do what you do best. Through automating the multi-cloud code merging process, you can effectively coordinate between workloads and manage hybrid workflows. The DevOps process is also integrated, driving innovation by allowing both halves to concentrate on their respective strengths. Therefore, developers can focus on code rather than the production process, and the operations team doesn’t have to act as the gate-keeper.

Expert Consulting for OpenStack and Kubernetes

Address the technical complexities of cloud infrastructure with the guidance of seasoned professionals. Our expertise in OpenStack and Kubernetes ensures your cloud operations are efficiently managed, optimized, and resilient.

  • Receive a customized, one-time deployment of Atmosphere, tailored to your business needs.
  • Round-the-clock availability of expert assistance for continuous support.
  • Leverage strategic network architecture for business scalability and efficiency.
  • Expert guidance for effective planning and execution of cloud deployments.
  • Ensure stability and efficiency with expert assistance on day 2 operations.
  • Seamless navigation through complex OpenStack upgrades with professional support.

Emergency Support

Experiencing a critical incident? Indicate the urgency in your message for immediate 24x7 emergency support. Your request will be prioritized, ensuring a rapid response to maintain the resilience of your infrastructure.


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