When it comes down to storing and accessing large amounts of data securely through your business or organization, cloud services may be the solution that you’re looking for.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

VEXXHOST has two data center regions within Quebec for high-density power exactly where you want it- in Canada. With a competitive advantage in resources and a burgeoning tech scene, Montreal is quickly becoming the fastest-growing market for data centers in Canada

Network security is a priority with an SSAE-16 facility, which undergoes yearly SOC Type 2 audits and security staff on-site 24/7/365. Additionally, they also feature dual-factor authentification through either biometric or physical access controls, as well as continuous monitoring via HD security cameras. 

secure enterprise grade public cloud

Energy efficiency and sustainability are made a priority with environmentally friendly hydroelectric power and abundant free cooling. This means clean, reliable energy for high performance and maximum flexibility thanks to the next-generation cooling technology.

We believe in empowering cloud services with the most efficient colocation. Think of it as a data center managed service that you can rely on backed with rigorous Canadian privacy laws, enabling Canada to be one of the few countries able to work with the European Union.

dual factor authentication private cloud

Dual Factor Authentication

From biometric iris scanning technology to card readers along the perimeter – we have every detail covered.

secure data center private cloud

A More Human Approach

When it comes to guarding your data, we believe in a human touch. We have security guards on-site 24/7/365.

security private cloud data centers

Extra Security Options

We have caged space options available for anyone searching for additional security measures in our data centers.

hd monitoring data center private cloudd

Constant HD Monitoring

Don’t matter if it’s 4:00 pm or 4:00 am, we have HD cameras monitoring our data centers every second of every day.

  • High-Density Power

    On average, the density provided is 6kW per cabinet.

  • Better Energy

    Lower consumption of 1.2 PUE is thanks to the Green Grid.

  • Fast Deployment Speed

    1-3 MW in less than 150 days or 20 RACKS in less than 24 hours.

  • Reliability At Its Core

    All sites are interconnected via a dark fiber network.


Santa Clara, California, USA

VEXXHOST gives you high-speed direct access to Silicon Valley’s Tier-1 carriers and blazing connectivity, alongside the same standards of security, agility, and capacity found in our Canadian data centers. 

You can expect in-depth network security with an SSAE-16 facility, that also undergoes yearly SOC Type 2 audits and security staff on-site at all times. From biometric access, combination locks on all cabinets, 24/7 surveillance cameras and the option for caged spaces, you know that your data is secure. 

security code data center private cloud

Combination Locks

Your stacks are safe. We have combination locks on all cabinets to ensure that your data is as secure as possible.

biometric security data center

Biometric Access Points

We use a dual factor authentication with biometric scanners to ensure only the right people have access to our centers.

secure data center private cloud

Onsite Security Guards

Some things are just better together. Our data centers and onsite 24/7 security are one of them.

secure data center private cloud

Security First Approach

No card? Sorry, no access. Our facilities are outfitted with card readers on the perimeter throughout for extra security.

  • Lightning Connectivity

    MAN/WAN options at speeds from 100 Mbps to 100 Gpbs.

  • Secure Access A Must

    Complete with 7/24/365 surveillance with biometric access.

  • Best Power Circuits

    415v/60amp/3 phase power delivery with 35 usable kW.

  • A Better Footprint

    9MW high-density liquid-cooled facility fuels modern servers.

Our data center locations in Santa Clara, California, is well outfitted with nested virtualization, 40Gbit networking for high throughput, and low latency, perfect for processing big data. We’re also conscious of sustainable practices and ensure minimal data center waste and a better IT footprint optimization.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

VEXXHOST is now in Europe! We are proud to have a new frontline data center in Amsterdam, our third global region, after Montreal and Santa Clara. The new region will have the same high connectivity, efficiency, and reliability standards as our North American data centers.

Our new data center space is part of a colocation facility that has a global scale of operations. It features all the latest hardware that VEXXHOST operates with and will be implemented according to new aggressive pricing.

global connectivity icon

Global Connectivity

The Amsterdam data center ensures the best connectivity by its link to the primary connection of AMS-IX, one of the world’s top internet exchanges.

data security

Data & Security Standards

Built to Uptime Institute Tier 3 standards, the facility is ISO 50001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHAS 18001, PCI/SOC, and AMS-IX certified.

reliability and efficiency icon

Reliability & Efficiency

Green electricity mains and a dedicated 150Kv substation provide a failsafe electric connection. The innovative chilled-water cooling system saves energy and increases efficiency.

physical security icon

Advanced Physical Security

Multi-tier security system, including a full perimeter fence surveillance system, 24×7 on-site security and monitoring, and highly secure access-card-based entry to ensure security.

  • Uptime Institute Tier 3 standards

    A higher level of assurance on operations.

  • Server Support and Management

    An expert team available 24×7 on-site.

  • Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

    Spot and aspiration detection, high-pressure water-mist suppression.

  • Secure Architecture

    A facility that combines modularity, functionality, and security.

With three regions and other private cloud operations worldwide in association with local datacenters, we are glad to be cementing our global footprint. Rest assured that there’s more to come.