OpenStack News & Updates

Announcing the addition of new GPU instances to our cloud offering

We at VEXXHOST are excited to announce the launch of our latest cloud offering: enterprise-grade GPU instances on OpenStack-based public, private and hybrid cloud. We are proud to be at the forefront of our industry with this latest addition to our ever-evolving offering.

The Most Important Takeaways from the OpenStack Rocky Release

With high-impact features and enhanced upgrades, we’re ecstatic about this robust release. Here are our main takeaways from it from the news and some resources you’ll hopefully find helpful as you evaluate how to move your organization onto this latest-and-greatest technology!

OpenStack Private Cloud Benefits

Now is the time to stop wasting your energy on limited propriety software, and implement an on-premise cloud solution that offers flexible and functional solutions to securely optimize your organization’s infrastructure.

Announcing New Silicon Valley Region Running OpenStack Rocky

We’re very excited to announce our new region in Santa Clara, California. The new data center is running the latest release of OpenStack, Rocky. This allows users to benefit from the latest features, benefits and bug fixes that Rocky delivers.