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Cluster API driver for OpenStack Magnum

We've taken two powerful ecosystems, OpenStack & Kubernetes and combined them to provide the best of both worlds for our customers using the Cluster API.

9000 MTUs (jumbo frames) in all Public Cloud Regions

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the quality of the service that we deliver to our public cloud and managed private cloud customers.  As networking demands increase, the use of a larger MTU allows virtual machines to transfer more volumes of data and use fewer packets which undoubtedly also introduces an improvement in throughput. 9000 MTUs in all Public Cloud Regions Over the past few months, we’ve [...]

OpenInfra Summit Berlin 2022 VEXXHOST Recap

We at VEXXHOST feel ecstatic to wrap up this edition of the OpenInfrasummit, Berlin 2022 and it was a special experience for more than one reason. The energy was really high to meet people from the community face to face. The very same people that you’ve collaborated with, learned from, or have inspired in the past and were limited to connecting with them via a screen. The OpenInfra Summit [...]

3 Video Resources to Improve Your Cloud Knowledge

As many organizations are embarking on the cloud journey, here is a look at three video resources, answering three pertinent questions.

What is Cognitive Architecture? Explained. 

Cognitive architecture aims to use cognitive psychology research to create a complete computer-based cognition model. Read on.

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