As a part of our comprehensive offering VEXXHOST can deliver enterprise-grade, fully managed solutions based on business requirements and strategic goals.

What you’ll get

With VEXXHOST’s solution offerings, users can leverage our industry experience and extensive open-source expertise. Clients can take advantage through our OpenStack consulting, Kubernetes enablement, or OpenStack upgrades solutions.

OpenStack Consulting

Our consulting solution is designed to get your OpenStack projects up and running quickly and smoothly. Whether you are looking to upgrade to the latest OpenStack release, implement an OpenStack component or looking for guidance in your OpenStack strategy, you can count on us to help you reduce both time and risk of implementation.
OpenStack Consulting

Kubernetes Enablement

Take advantage of container technology with our Kubernetes Enablement offering. In this fully managed solution, we integrate Certified Kubernetes into your existing OpenStack private cloud through Magnum, providing our users with direct access to virtual machine and bare metal compatible Kubernetes.
Kubernetes Enablement

OpenStack Upgrades

Ensure you’re getting the most out of your OpenStack operating system with our OpenStack Cloud Upgrade offering. Through our expertise in handling every OpenStack release, you’ll not only benefit from access to the best version for your needs but also a smooth and comfortable upgrade without disruption.
Openstack Upgrades

Fully Managed Zuul

Stop merging broken code and take advantage of VEXXHOST’s fully managed Zuul offering for your organization’s continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline. You’ll not only benefit from a fully managed Zuul solution, but any support needed after as well.
Managed Zuul

Expert Consulting for OpenStack and Kubernetes

Address the technical complexities of cloud infrastructure with the guidance of seasoned professionals. Our expertise in OpenStack and Kubernetes ensures your cloud operations are efficiently managed, optimized, and resilient.

  • Receive a customized, one-time deployment of Atmosphere, tailored to your business needs.
  • Round-the-clock availability of expert assistance for continuous support.
  • Leverage strategic network architecture for business scalability and efficiency.
  • Expert guidance for effective planning and execution of cloud deployments.
  • Ensure stability and efficiency with expert assistance on day 2 operations.
  • Seamless navigation through complex OpenStack upgrades with professional support.

Emergency Support

Experiencing a critical incident? Indicate the urgency in your message for immediate 24x7 emergency support. Your request will be prioritized, ensuring a rapid response to maintain the resilience of your infrastructure.