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High Performance OpenStack Powered Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform.

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What you’ll get

With our enterprise-grade infrastructure, we deliver guaranteed consistent performance throughout our entire OpenStack public cloud. Through our fully open source stack, our users never have to worry about using proprietary technology that could create a vendor lock-in situation. Our public cloud also features a vast ecosystem of software around it, such as Ansible and Terraform OpenStack integrations.

Easily Accessible

Our users enjoy quick and simple access to all of our public cloud services.

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Open Source

Take advantage of Certified OpenStack and Kubernetes Solutions.

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Various Architecture

Take advantage of our multi-architecture, enterprise grade offering.

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Top Tier Data Centers

User can benefit from our reliable and secure data center regions.

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Easy Migration

Migrate easily to a different OpenStack deployment model.

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Simple Interface

Take advantage of a user friendly simple-to-use dashboard.

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Easily Accessible

Take the complexity out of getting started with our public cloud.

  • Quick & Easy Start

    Our high-performance servers & SSD storage allow you to get started in under 30 seconds. Deploying your application has never been faster or easier.

  • All-in-One Access

    Our comprehensive list of solutions is readily available, all in one place. Access all the tools you need for your application through a single dashboard.

  • Pay as You go

    Our minutely pay as you go platform allows you to design your environment freely and only pay for the usage accrued. No contracts or commitments!

Open Source Solution

Avail perks of authenticated open source solutions like OpenStack and Kubernetes to avoid vendor lock-ins.

  • OpenStack Powered

    Make the most of our cloud services containing OpenStack Software, which has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services. Our infrastructure is currently running Stein – the latest OpenStack release.

  • Certified Kubernetes

    Kubernetes offered with our cloud solution has been certified by the CNCF. Avail perks of the tested Kubernetes to ensure conformance and support of required APIs.

Enterprise Grade Architecture

Users enjoy the freedom of choice with our enterprise-grade architecture options.

  • Multi-Architecture

    We believe in supporting and providing a multi-architectural ecosystem to our users that showcases the diversity of the architectures that OpenStack supports. So, as a part of our public cloud offering, users have access to 64-bit Arm-based chips in addition to Intel x86 chips.

  • Enterprise Grade GPUs

    Our GPU instances use enterprise-grade NVIDIA accelerators and deliver unparalleled speed through the inclusion of PCI Express and NVMe SSD local storage. We also do not oversell GPU and CPU within those instances as our GPUs and CPUs are fully dedicated.

Top Tier Data Centers

Ensure the security of your cloud with our trusted data center regions.

  • Enterprise Grade Security

    All of our data centers are in secure SSAE-16 facilities that undergo yearly SOC Type 2 audits and have security staff on-site 24/7/365. They also feature dual-factor authentication, as well as continuous monitoring via HD security cameras.

  • Reliable & Redundant

    Our multiple data center regions within Canada ensure accessibility and redundancy in disaster situations while our US data center is equipped with nested virtualization and 40Gbit internal networking for high throughput and low latency.

Easy Migration

Get the freedom of moving from a public to a private cloud

  • Straightforward Move To a Private Cloud

    With the growth of your cloud needs, a private cloud could become a better alternative for you. By using an OpenStack powered public cloud, the move to an on-premise or hosted private cloud is quick and easy.

  • Take Advantage of A Hybrid Cloud

    Mix between public cloud and private cloud to create the ideal environment for your needs. A hybrid cloud offers you greater flexibility and more deployment options while allowing you to optimize and leverage your current assets.

Configurable Network Typ

Simple Interface

Take advantage of a straightforward interface that grants access to all tools on a web-based console.

  • User-Friendly and Manageable

    Our fuss-free console will ensure seamless navigation. Our easy-to-use dashboard provides that a comprehensive list of solutions is readily available, all in one place.

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