Kubernetes Enablement

Integrate Kubernetes Into Your Existing OpenStack Private Cloud.

What you’ll get

VEXXHOST’s Kubernetes Enablement offering was developed to make our Certified Kubernetes service increasingly accessible to our users. This offering provides quick, on-demand access to Certified Kubernetes that are compatible with both virtual machines and bare metal. Through being a fully managed service, our Kubernetes Enablement offering also relieves the stress traditionally associated with the deployment of Kubernetes and reduces the extent of the undertaking on the user’s end.

Fully Managed

Never struggle with the deployment of Kubernetes or any coinciding updates again.

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Seamless Integration

Users can enjoy a simplified integration of most OpenStack services with Kubernetes.

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Latest Releases

Runs on the latest release of Kubernetes and OpenStack Magnum.

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Constant Monitoring

Rely on continuous monitoring to ensure the health of your service.

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OpenStack Powered

A solution powered by OpenStack Magnum as the foundation.

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Upstream Kubernetes

Take advantage of upstream code for simplified project maintenance.

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Fully Managed

Take advantage of our expertise and Certified Kubernetes.

  • Deployment

    Regardless of whether you’re using virtual machines or bare-metal, VEXXHOST can easily deploy our Certified Kubernetes on your system.

  • Management

    VEXXHOST’s fully managed Kubernetes Enablement offering means that users also benefit from our extensive support, upgrades, monitoring and incident management.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Kubernetes with various OpenStack services for enhanced functionality.

  • Block Storage

    Through integrating with Cinder, users can provision persistent volumes which ultimately don’t rely on the lifecycle of their bound pod.

  • Keystone

    The Kubernetes integration with Keystone makes it possible for users to authenticate their cluster using their existing OpenStack username and password.

  • Load Balancers

    With OpenStack’s Load Balancers service integrated with Kubernetes, users can employ an external load balancer that exists in front of the Kubernetes service, creating an external IP that can be accessed and will distribute traffic amongst the pods.

Latest Release

Users are assured of the availability of the most up to date versions of Kubernetes and Magnum.

  • Version Availability

    Select the version of Kubernetes that suits your needs as well as your environment. We offer the latest Kubernetes release, 1.14 as well as previous versions such as 1.12 and 1.13.

  • Continuous Upgrades

    With our level of commitment and contributions to OpenStack technology, our users can rest easy knowing that they will have immediate access to the latest and greatest releases.


Constant Monitoring

Never lose sight of the health of your environment with VEXXHOST’s full monitoring,

  • Optimal Environment Health

    With our offering, users are guaranteed constant monitoring of their system, every five minutes. So no matter what, VEXXHOST can ensure that your environment is operating within optimal parameters.

  • Incident Management

    VEXXHOST also provides incident management so that should any issues arise, our team is immediately alerted and can begin restoring service instantly.

OpenStack Powered

Take advantage of open source technology through VEXXHOST’s usage of OpenStack technology.

  • OpenStack Certified

    VEXXHOST is not only a provider of Certified Kubernetes but is also certified by the OpenStack foundation. This means that we are exceptionally skilled and well versed in all of their projects and service offerings, including Magnum, their container project, which we use as the foundation for the delivery of our Kubernetes Enablement offering.

  • No Vendor Lock-In

    VEXXHOST’s open source technology also ensures that users will never be locked into any service.

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Upstream Kubernetes

Take the worry out of applying out-of-date or buggy code with upstream Kubernetes.

  • Mainline Code

    VEXXHOST only makes use of upstream Kubernetes, ensuring that the code being delivered is from the official version of the projects.

  • Maintenance & Updates

    Through the use of upstream Kubernetes, users are also easily transitioned to the latest updates, ensuring the maintenance of their code.

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