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What Is Kubernetes Operator?

A Kubernetes operator is an operator that is used as a method of building and driving an application on top of Kubernetes. You can easily use Kubernetes tools to help you solve the problem of a complex application.

January 20th, 2020|

Public Cloud Migration Best Practices

Migrating to a public cloud takes expertise to ensure that it is a frictionless experience. Follow these public cloud migration best practices and you’ll be well equipped to take on any challenges along the way.

January 16th, 2020|

Kubernetes Pods Explained

As Kubernetes continues to become the new standard for deployment and management of software in the cloud it’s important to understand the role of the software. Today we will be reviewing the types and lifecycle phases of Kubernetes pods.

January 15th, 2020|

Top 4 Challenges Of Public Cloud Migration

Migrating to an OpenStack public cloud is easy if you have the right provider. VEXXHOST offers competitive pricing, downtime management, and other benefits to help you tackle the challenges of public cloud migration head-on.

January 15th, 2020|

Public Cloud Security Best Practices

We know that if you have a public cloud, security best practices are a top priority. Public cloud providers may be responsible for the security of the cloud itself, such as the physical data centers and environments but you’re responsible for securing the data and workloads stored within your cloud.

January 14th, 2020|

Maximize Your Cloud Infrastructure With Kubernetes

Think of Kubernetes and containers as the solution that many organizations are looking for to help them manage software services in the cloud. From the improved quality of service for users, agile and flexible infrastructure and minimized cost, there are many benefits to implementing a cloud solution.

January 13th, 2020|

The Rise of Streaming In Cloud Computing

Video streaming in cloud computing will continue to innovate, influence and change the way that individuals stream video, music and more. We’ve compiled a few ways in which the cloud is changing streaming platforms for the better.

January 10th, 2020|