Public Cloud Pricing

Cloud Servers

Instance Types vCPUs Memory Local Storage Hourly Rate
v3-standard-2 2 cores 8 GB 40 GB $0.055/hr
v3-standard-4 4 cores 16 GB 80 GB $0.110/hr
v3-standard-8 8 cores 32 GB 160 GB $0.219/hr
v3-standard-16 16 cores 64 GB 320 GB $0.438/hr
v3-standard-32 32 cores 128 GB 640 GB $0.876/hr
v3-standard-48 48 cores 192 GB 960 GB $1.752/hr
v3-standard-64 64 cores 256 GB 1280 GB $3.504/hr
v3-standard-96 96 cores 384 GB 1920 GB $7.008/hr
Instance Types vCPUs Memory Intel x86 Arm 64-bit
v2-standard-1 1 cores 4 GB $0.045/hr $0.045/hr $0.03825/hr
v2-standard-2 2 cores 8 GB $0.09/hr $0.09/hr $0.0765/hr
v2-standard-4 4 cores 16 GB $0.18/hr $0.18/hr $0.153/hr
v2-standard-8 8 cores 32 GB $0.36/hr $0.36/hr $0.306/hr
v2-standard-16 16 cores 64 GB $0.72/hr $0.72/hr $0.612/hr
Instance Types vCPUs Memory Intel x86 Arm 64-bit
v2-highcpu-1 1 cores 1 GB $0.035/hr $0.035/hr $0.02975/hr
v2-highcpu-2 2 cores 2 GB $0.07/hr $0.07/hr $0.0595/hr
v2-highcpu-4 4 cores 4 GB $0.14/hr $0.14/hr $0.119/hr
v2-highcpu-8 8 cores 8 GB $0.28/hr $0.28/hr $0.238/hr
v2-highcpu-16 16 cores 16 GB $0.56/hr $0.56/hr $0.476/hr
v2-highcpu-32 32 cores 32 GB $1.12/hr $1.12/hr $0.952/hr
v2-highcpu-64 64 cores 64 GB $2.24/hr $2.24/hr $1.904/hr
Instance Types GPU vCPUs RAM Disk Price
v2-gpu-6 1x K80 6 cores 60 GB 255 GB $0.80/hr
v2-gpu-12 2x K80 12 cores 120 GB 450 GB $1.60/hr
v2-gpu-24 4x K80 24 cores 240 GB 900 GB $3.20/hr
v2-gpu-48 8x K80 48 cores 480 GB 1800 GB $6.40/hr

Each instance is connected to both a public (internet) network and an internal network. You can take advantage of gigabit-speed between your instances on the private network at no cost.

Network Type  Rate
Public Network — Internet $0.10 GB
Private Network — Internal free

Each instance is allocated one public IP for networking at no additional cost. You can increase the number of IPs assigned to your instance from your control panel. The IP addresses are billed per hour.

IP Addresses  Rate Per IP
Public IP Address $0.0028/hr ≈ $2.00/mo

We have worked with our partners to offer leased software licenses for our cloud computing platform. These licenses are available for use exclusively on our cloud computing platform and don’t work for external use.

Software Licenses  Hourly Rate
Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 $0.03/hr ≈ $22.00/mo
Windows Server 2012 Standard R2 $0.03/hr ≈ $22.00/mo
cPanel & WebHostManager (WHM) $0.02/hr ≈ $14.00/mo

Cloud Networks

Network Usage Rate
Single-Tenant Private Network $0.0014/hr ≈ $1.00/mo
Router $0.0014/hr ≈ $1.00/mo
Floating IP $0.0028/hr ≈ $2.00/mo

OpenStack Project Swift Mascot Cloud Object Storage

Storage Usage Rate
Up to 1TB $0.00014/GB/hr ≈ $0.10/GB/mo
Up to 50TB $0.00013/GB/hr ≈ $0.09/GB/mo
Up to 100TB $0.00011/GB/hr ≈ $0.08/GB/mo
101TB+ Contact us
Bandwidth Usage Rate
Public Network $0.00014/GB/hr ≈ $0.10/GB/mo

OpenStack Project Cinder Cloud Block Storage

Disk Type Rate
HDD $0.00002/GB/hr ≈ $0.02/GB/mo
SSD $0.00021/GB/hr ≈ $0.15/GB/mo
Image Storing Rate
Snapshots on HDD $0.00002/GB/hr ≈ $0.02/GB/mo
Snapshots on SDD $0.00021/GB/hr ≈ $0.15/GB/mo

Cloud File Sharing

Deploy your file-sharing system today without any commitment. Pay for the storage you use plus a $20/mo base charge per share.

File Sharing System Rate
File Storage $0.00016/GB/hr ≈ $0.12/GB/mo

Cloud Image Service

You can take point-in-time snapshots on your instance and restore them at any time. We only charge the duration that the snapshots are stored. The snapshots are billed per hour and compressed to reduce usage fees.

Image Storage Fee Rate
Image Storing $0.00014/GB/hr ≈ $0.10/GB/mo

OpenStack Project Octavia Cloud Load Balancers

Bandwidth charges are billed on an hourly basis and are sectioned by tier to offer you lower prices for higher usage.

Storage Usage Rate
Up to 1TB $0.00014/GB/hr ≈ $0.10/GB/mo
Up to 50TB $0.00013/GB/hr ≈ $0.09/GB/mo
Up to 100TB $0.00011/GB/hr ≈ $0.08/GB/mo
101TB+ Contact Us

Cloud Load Balancers allow you to pay for traffic management on an hourly basis with no long-term commitments.

Type Hourly Rate
Highly Available Load Balancer + SSL $0.03/hr ≈ $20.00/mo

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