Find everything from brand guidelines, to logo variations and downloadable links, to official color codes.

You will find all of our brand guidelines and logo information here! Please use the VEXXHOST logo correctly, based on the following frameworks. Down below, you will also find several formats to cater to various downloading requirements. If there is something on this page that you can’t locate, please contact us.

Logo Variations

Standard Color Vertical


Standard White Vertical

White vertical logo

Standard Color Horizontal


Standard White Horizontal

White horizontal logo

Spelling Standards

Consistency is important when it comes to the brand name, which is why we want to make sure that the spelling remains the same across all platforms. By using all capital letters, power and strength are showcased in the name of our cloud computing solution, instilling confidence and trust in our clients. Use the following pointers down below when incorporating our brand name into your texts.

DO use



DON’T use sentence case


DON’T use lowercase


DON’T use

title case


DON’T add

a space


Official Website Font

To ensure a harmonious brand image, we selected one font that we use everywhere. We went with the font “Roboto,” as it has one of the cleanest and most precise finishes, reflecting the kind of service that we provide our customers. Additionally, it goes well with the look of our logo, warranting a uniform and robust appearance.

roboto font

Official Colors


HEX: #6536FF
RGB: 101, 54, 255
HSB: 254, 79%, 100%


HEX: #2A1659
RGB: 42, 22, 89
HSB: 258, 75%, 35%