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Announcing Our Kubernetes Enablement Offering

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

We're delivering a Kubernetes Enablement solution users can get excited about. Check out our detailed offering!

Within the past few months, VEXXHOST has been delivering a number of exciting announcements, one of the most popular having to do with Kubernetes. In early December of 2018, we proudly announced that the CNCF certified our Kubernetes, making us one of a select number of companies to have achieved such a standard.

Today, we have another Kubernetes announcement to make - the introduction of our Kubernetes Enablement offering. As the name suggests, this offering aims to make our Kubernetes service more accessible to our cloud users.

“We're always excited to see Certified Kubernetes companies like VEXXHOST make their Kubernetes services increasingly available to their cloud users. It really speaks to the value and importance of the CNCF certification programs,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation.


What This Means For Our Private Cloud Users

Our Kubernetes offering is available to our public cloud users, providing them with quick, on-demand access to Kubernetes and their benefits. At the private cloud level, our offering not only relieves the level of stress associated with the deployment of Kubernetes but also reduces the extent of the undertaking on our client's end through being a fully managed service.

Our Kubernetes Enablement offering can provide our private cloud users with all the software and high-level expertise they need for the successful deployment and management of their Kubernetes clusters. Through our private cloud being powered by OpenStack technology, we can provide users with a software layer that is compatible with both bare metal and virtual machines.


“VEXXHOST always strives to deliver the best that cloud computing has to offer.” Said Mohammed Naser, VEXXHOST CEO. “That's why we felt it was important to make the latest version of Kubernetes, version 1.14, available to our clients regardless of the version of their OpenStack infrastructure.”

Ultimately, this Kubernetes Enablement offering provides our users with secure container clusters through enhanced isolation and upgraded performance due to faster deployment times and simplified extensive service integrations.

If your organization is interested or ready to take advantage of the scalability, orchestration and velocity that VEXXHOST's Kubernetes Enablement has to offer, contact us today and get started on the road to modernized API efficiency.

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