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Presenting Certified Releases of Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

With our goal to ensure quality service to all our clients, VEXXHOST is proud to announce its offering of certified Kubernetes releases of 2019!

VEXXHOST is thrilled to announce our certification of the three Kubernetes releases, v1.14, v1.15, v1.16 of 2019! The newly certified Kubernetes-as-a-Service is obtainable to both our public cloud users through our data centers in Montreal, Quebec and Santa Clara, California. It is also available to private cloud users on both hosted and on-premise infrastructure.

Last year, VEXXHOST had the honor of becoming a silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and gaining the accreditation of Certified Kubernetes. Keeping up with our drive to continually improve our solutions, the team has been working tirelessly to bring this update to you.

Our team stands behind continuously enhancing our service offerings and investing in the cloud infrastructure community. We strive to ensure quality service to all our clients and are proud to share this exciting announcement to showcase our expertise and efficiency.

Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation said, "We're pleased to see that the cloud provider VEXXHOST, a CNCF member, has certified the latest 3 versions of Kubernetes on their platform. Certified Kubernetes is one of the most important CNCF programs, in that it ensures that the required APIs are implemented and compatible across all Kubernetes providers."


Here are some of the release highlights and enhanced features:

  • The first release of 2019, v1.14, came with 31 enhancements revolving around the themes of extensibility and support of more workloads on Kubernetes. More enhancements graduated to stable in this release than any prior version. In terms of support expectations, this is an essential milestone for all Kubernetes' users.
  • The release that followed, brought along 25 enhancements and continued focus on extensibility and project sustainability. The focus was also put on the robustness of Kubernetes installation, configuration and upgrade.
  • Lastly, the third release of the year, v1.16, came about just later last month with 31 enhancements around custom resources, overhauled metrics, volume extension, and admission webhooks. This release has been an essential step in the maturity of Kubernetes API by no longer serving the deprecated APIs. The three latest releases brought about significant changes, such as adding production-level support for Windows nodes. Moreover, through the course of these releases, the Kubernetes API has undergone noteworthy changes. With the evolution of API, some resources were promoted to stable, others were reorganized to different groups and older resources were deprecated.

Users can further benefit from Certified Kubernetes as a fully-managed and hosted solution on our public cloud. The offering is also available to private cloud users. The VEXXHOST team will take care of the deployment process as well as provide management, monitoring and timely upgrades of the solution.

These versions and their updates are put together with the hard work of numerous technical and non-technical content contributors, and we appreciate their efforts in making our solution offering a success.

We are genuinely thrilled about our achievements here at VEXXHOST and look forward to sharing some more exciting news with you soon.

In the meantime, you can read more about Kubernetes here!

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