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Boston OpenStack Summit Recap

The Boston OpenStack Summit wrapped up successfully on the 11th of May 2017. There was thousands of attendees from all parts of the world who flew into Boston, city of the Red Sox, in order to learn more about OpenStack, connect with other users and keep up with the newest announcements in the OpenStack ecosystem.

One of the highlights of the OpenStack Summit was the interop challenge. It was introduced a few years ago to demonstrate that OpenStack and the open standards that it comes with are indeed something that does work and co-exist.

At the Boston summit, VEXXHOST alongside 14 other clouds ran the same exact codebase to deploy Kubernetes on OpenStack successfully. In order to push the boundaries even more, a few clouds joined in and we formed a multi-cloud CockroachDB cluster.

In addition, the foundation released several big announcements such as the addition of the new remotely managed private cloud service under the marketplace, which could be more easily understood as “Private-Cloud-as-a-Service”. This sort of service has been something that we’ve offered for quite sometime so it’s exciting for it to be an official part of the marketplace.

There was many different major OpenStack users which were present and it’s exciting that there are always new customers showing up to tell their OpenStack story, rather than the same companies. This means that OpenStack is actively continuing to grow with many new years being added constantly.

This summit was a huge success and it was the first one that ran under the “Forum” format allowing users, operators and developers to sit together and discuss many of the specific details in order to have a more clear and user oriented roadmap for developers moving forward. We hope to see many of our clients that we’ve met at this summit in the next one at Sydney and we’ll also be part of the upcoming OpenStack meetups happening in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

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