Big Data

Experience the power and flexibility of a Big Data service that's built on OpenStack Sahara. Take control of your data processing and analytics with a platform designed for high performance, scalability, and efficiency. Enjoy seamless integration with a variety of tools and take your data analysis to new heights.

Public Cloud


Multi-tenant cloud hosted out of our global datacenters, billed per minute.

Private Cloud


Single-tenant dedicated cloud hosted out of our global datacenters, billed per month.


Open source cloud platform hosted in your datacenter, with support or remote ops.

Data Simplified

Unleashing Insights with Powerful Big Data Service

Harness the power of big data and drive insights with our Big Data Service. Experience seamless data processing, storage, and analysis capabilities.

Seamless Integration
All Editions

Integrate easily with various data sources and services, simplifying data ingestion and processing.

Scalable Storage
All Editions

Experience scalable data storage that grows with your data, ensuring performance and availability.

Advanced Analysis
All Editions

Leverage advanced analytical tools and services to gain valuable insights from your data.

Faster Deployments & Results

Start building your big-dataapplications without delay.

  • Quick Deployment

    With our cloud platform, you can launch hundreds of servers in a matter of minutes, enabling your team to start building your big data applications without delay.

  • Cost Savings

    Make use of our enterprise-grade hardware as opposed to making substantial investments on your own to deploy big data platforms.

fast deployments through big data platforms

Fully Scalable Within Seconds

Easily scale servers up and down as required.

  • Easy Resource Management

    Cut down on time frame required to acquire and deploy new hardware as on the cloud; you can launch more servers for the few hours that you need them and terminate them afterward.

scalability of big data based on OpenStack project Sahara

Optimized High-Performance Cloud

Users always benefit from consistent performance.

  • Guaranteed High Performance

    We have taken measures to ensure that you get a consistent level of performance at all times, eliminating ‘noisy neighbor’ problems through our high-performance big data services.

High performing infrastructure through big data

No Vendor Lock-In Across the Entire Stack

Never worry about vendor lock-in with OpenStack APIs.

  • OpenStack APIs

    Starting from our standardized openstack APIs up to the infrastructure and operating systems we provide, including our big-data services, we maintain zero lock-ins across the entire stack. It allows you to build out your platform the exact way you want it.

No vendor lock-in because of open-source OpenStack project Sahara

We ❤️ Open Source

🎊Atmosphere is an open source project built by us.

Atmosphere stands out as a fully certified and conformant open-source platform. With both OpenStack powered certification and certified Kubernetes, it has passed all conformance tests. This guarantees a robust, high-performance, and reliable solution for your cloud needs.

OpenStack PoweredCertified Kubernetes

Learn more about Atmosphere

Explore Atmosphere's test environment for seamless VMs, bare metal, and Kubernetes deployment. Unlock cost-saving advantages with our open-source solution.

  • All Editions
  • Seamlessly deploy and manage VMs, Kubernetes clusters, bare metal, and more.
  • Leverage Terraform, Ansible or APIs directly powered by OpenStack & Kubernetes
  • Experience cost savings with a purely open source solution across the entire stack.
  • Hosted
  • Integrated monitoring, logging, and alerting streamline day 2 operations powered by a modern Prometheus stack.
  • Benefit from built-in Ceph-powered storage solution, including options like Pure Storage and more.
  • Securely powered by Keycloak with LDAP support for authentication and SAML/OpenID Connect integration.

Ready to get started with Atmosphere Cloud?

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  • Expanding OpenStack monitoring through Atmosphere (New Improvement)

    Expanding OpenStack monitoring through Atmosphere (New Improvement)

    Experience enhanced operational monitoring with Atmosphere's latest enhancement, which brings a new layer of security and convenience to your OpenStack environment by integrating OAuth2 proxy with AlertManager & Prometheus, secured by single sign-on via Keycloak.

  • Atmosphere v1.10.4

    Atmosphere v1.10.4

    Discover Atmosphere 1.10.4: Enhanced container orchestration, streamlined image building, and advanced security for a more reliable, efficient cloud experience.

  • Technical Deep Dive: Atmosphere's Secure Image Builds

    Technical Deep Dive: Atmosphere's Secure Image Builds

    Explore the intricate process of Atmosphere's secure image building in this technical deep dive. Understand the role of Docker Content Trust, Trivy, and Cosign in enhancing security across the stack, ensuring the reliability and integrity of images. Discover how Atmosphere addresses unpatched security issues, verifies image signatures, and maintains continuous security through daily scans.

  • Supply Chain Image Security with Docker Content Trust and Cosign

    Supply Chain Image Security with Docker Content Trust and Cosign

    Atmosphere is at the forefront of cloud computing, delivering secure and reliable services to its clients. The latest evolution involves integrating Docker Content Trust and Cosign into Atmosphere's processes. This strategic move sets a new benchmark in supply chain image security.