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Announcing Atmosphere 1.11.0: Revolutionize Your Cloud Experience

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We are ecstatic to announce the launch of Atmosphere 1.11.0, a pivotal update to our open-source cloud management platform that propels your cloud experience to unprecedented heights. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and enhancement, Atmosphere 1.11.0 heralds a suite of advancements designed to refine stability, amplify security, and streamline operations. This release embodies our dedication to facilitating a flexible, secure, and highly efficient cloud infrastructure management experience for all users.

Atmosphere is an open-source endeavor, thriving on the contributions of a vibrant community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cloud technology. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every contributor for their invaluable input and invite more enthusiasts to join us on this exciting journey at GitHub.

What's New in Atmosphere 1.11.0?

  • Enhanced Code Stability with Speculative Image Builds: Utilizing Zuul for speculative image builds ensures that deployments are both stable and reliable, minimizing disruptions across your infrastructure.
  • Introduction of Multiple Stable Branches: This strategic shift towards multiple stable branches aligns with major OpenStack version changes, offering users the flexibility to stick with their preferred OpenStack version while we maintain support for all upstream maintained versions.
  • Direct SSH Access to Amphoras: Streamlining debugging processes, Atmosphere now enables direct SSH access to amphoras from the control plane, significantly reducing troubleshooting time.
  • GoDaddy Webhook and Improved Monitoring: Integration with GoDaddy webhook for automated certificate management and the introduction of the OpenStack database exporter for large-scale metric collection are among the key highlights, enhancing both security and operational efficiency.
  • Cephadm for Simplified Upgrades: Transitioning to Cephadm from playbook-based deployment facilitates a smoother, container-based infrastructure upgrade path, ensuring reliability and simplicity.
  • Security and SSO Enhancements: Key security improvements include the read-only setting for the Magnum cluster API registry and the integration of AlertManager and Prometheus behind an OAuth2 proxy over Keycloak, expanding our Atmosphere-managed SSO services.
  • Performance and Stability Optimizations: From tuning uWSGI API runners to fixing OVN mount paths, Atmosphere 1.11.0 introduces a plethora of performance and stability enhancements to ensure your cloud operates at its peak.

The Road Ahead: Atmosphere's Future Releases

The introduction of Atmosphere 1.11.0 sets the stage for future innovations with the upcoming releases of Atmosphere 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. These versions will provide support for the Antelope, Bobcat, and Caracal versions of OpenStack, respectively. Our commitment to aligning with OpenStack's latest advancements ensures that Atmosphere remains at the forefront of cloud management solutions, offering support for the latest snapshot of OpenStack as well as the previous four supported releases.

Get Started with Atmosphere 1.11.0

Dive into the future of cloud management with Atmosphere 1.11.0 and explore the full potential of your cloud infrastructure. For those ready to embark on this transformative journey, get started by visiting our quick start guide.

Interested in a Hosted or Managed Atmosphere Solution?

For organizations looking to leverage the power of Atmosphere without the overhead of managing it themselves, we offer hosted or on-premise supported and managed solutions. Explore how Atmosphere can be tailored to fit your organizational needs, ensuring you reap the benefits of a cutting-edge cloud management platform with the support of our expert team.

Atmosphere 1.11.0 is not just an update; it's a gateway to a new era of cloud management. With a host of new features and improvements, it's designed to elevate your cloud experience like never before

Interested in trying Atmosphere? Our team provides professional deployment services, 24x7x365 support subscriptions, and seamless remote operations. Contact our sales team to integrate Atmosphere into your organization and harness the full potential of your cloud infrastructure today!

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