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Expanding OpenStack monitoring through Atmosphere (New Improvement)

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Experience enhanced operational monitoring with Atmosphere's latest enhancement, which brings a new layer of security and convenience to your OpenStack environment by integrating OAuth2 proxy with AlertManager & Prometheus, secured by single sign-on via Keycloak.

Maintaining your infrastructure’s health and performance is a constant challenge, so you need the most robust and intuitive monitoring tools to stay on top of it.

Robust Monitoring Foundation

Building on our in-depth understanding of using and contributing upstream to open-source technologies since 2011, we’ve outfitted Atmosphere with a powerful monitoring & logging stack that is powered by proven cloud-native technologies to provide nearly 300 monitoring points & alarms out of the box for OpenStack clouds deployed using Atmosphere.

The monitoring stack is powered by Prometheus which scrapes multiple exporters, AlertManager which manages firing alarms from Prometheus (with native integration to send alerts to OpsGenie or PagerDuty and much more).

The logging stack is powered by Loki which provides the storage mechanism for all of the logs, with Vector being the log shipping tool which runs on every node and sends all system & container logs to the centralized instance of Loki.

Securing & speeding up incident response with easier access via SSO

Prometheus & Loki are both exposed as data sources into an instance of Grafana which includes many dashboards out of the box, secured by our Keycloak instance that we deploy which enables single sign-on for every component of the cloud, from monitoring to dashboard & CLI.

At VEXXHOST, we are dedicated to delivering the best user experience, so we continuously refine our services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve recently landed an improvement to Atmosphere that now also exposes AlertManager & Prometheus directly by implementing OAuth2 proxy in front of those services and providing authentication using Keycloak for single sign-on. This will improve the ability for users to review alerts as the URL for the source and more information will now lead to a publicly accessible, but protected URL.

We’ve also updated the entire monitoring stack to bring in a new version of Grafana, Prometheus, AlertManager and all other components necessary for monitoring. We’re excited about this change that we’ve added to Atmosphere.

Stay tuned, we’ve got more improvements and features coming soon!

Enhanced Operational Visibility

For organizations leveraging OpenStack, Atmosphere provides operational visibility and proactive management for OpenStack clouds deployed under its wing.

As usual, if you’re interested in trying out Atmosphere, you can install a full all-in-one instance of it on a virtual machine or a server with no more than 10 commands using our quick-start, check it out if you want to get started!

If you’d like to bring Atmosphere into your organization with the help of our team of experts, our team can provide you with professional services for deployment, subscription to provide full 24x7x365 support for Atmosphere (including OpenStack, Ceph & more) or a full hands-free remote operations, reach out to our sales team today!

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