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IaaS Provider: How to Find the Right Choice for Your Business

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The decision to adopt a cloud strategy is a big one. But, what happens after you decide to make the switch? What are the things to know in choosing the ideal IaaS provider? Read more.

How do I find the right IaaS Provider for my enterprise?

This is a question that boggles many business owners and executives. The decision to adopt a cloud strategy is a big one. After weighing the pros and cons, you lean towards a cloud infrastructure for the many benefits that come with it - connectivity, scalability, agility, etc., to name a few. You also decide whether you need a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

But, what happens after you decide to make the switch?

There are thousands of cloud providers around. You know that pricing and getting the best quote is only one part of it. How do you choose the right IaaS provider that works for your specific needs? What are the parameters to consider?

Here are your answers.


Many organizations know security is a part of the checklist, but it should ideally be the first one on the list. It will help if you were assured that all the data that goes into your cloud is absolutely secure and be accessible only to the right people. Deployment, performance, processing speed, storage capacity, latest hardware all matter only when proper security is in place.

You must ensure that the IaaS provider you choose has taken the necessary steps for data protection. They should also comply with the strict data laws and regulations of the industry your enterprise belongs to and the regions where the business and cloud operations are. The provider should also be able to evolve according to changing regulations.

Connectivity, Networking, and Accessibility

Your data is leaving your on-site data center. This means that with your cloud provider, you need to have the same connectivity level and uninterrupted accessibility, no matter where in the world the offshore data center is located. Any bandwidth or latency issues can adversely affect your company performance. You need to know, in advance, whether you need to take any steps to better integrate into the system regarding any networking equipment, specific carriers, etc. It is always ideal to choose an IaaS provider who's an expert on giving you the best offerings while ensuring seamless connection and access.

Management and Support

Management and support are significant factors in play. Once your cloud is deployed, how easy is it to manage? What is the interface like? Do you and will you get ample support when you need it? Will the provider give the necessary training to your team if need be? How much internal resources do you need to have to facilitate the cloud? These are questions that you need to get satisfactory answers for.

Onboarding Strategy and Deployment by Cloud Provider

Know everything you can about the type of storage, processors, bandwidth, CPUs, GPUs that the provider use for cloud deployment, and whether it will suit your needs. Both parties need to go over these items and find a solution that works.

Finding out the kind of support the provider facilitates during the actual deployment is something that will help you avoid any last-minute hustle. Ensure that you know whether the transfer from on-site to the cloud will come with any downtime. Most cloud providers have strategies to minimize or eliminate any downtime, but it never hurts to check.

Backup and Recovery

It's always better to understand whether your cloud comes with any backup and recovery strategies in place. Ensure that if there is indeed a backup and disaster recovery practices, they are safe and will be able to function independently, not affected by any possible physical or virtual interruptions.

Pricing and Billing

A prominent benefit of cloud computing is its cost-effectiveness, as many providers point out. Make sure to get all the details on how the pricing and billing system works from your provider. Get as much information on what's included and what's not. Know in advance what it would cost to implement something that is not included; additional support and future consultation, for instance. It would help if you also made it a point to understand and determine whether the solution is indeed cost-effective for your specific needs.

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