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3 Reasons Why People Outside Of IT Should Care About The Cloud

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

From the value of privacy to the environmental impact of technology and upskilling roles outside of the IT department, there are many reasons why you should be invested in the cloud.

Our regular readers know that they can count on us to cover all things cloud. But what about those who aren't as familiar with cloud computing? From the value of privacy to the environmental impact of technology and upskilling roles outside of the IT department, there are many reasons why you should be invested in the cloud. Even if you're not a technical person, you're likely to have some knowledge of the IT space. At the most basic level, cloud technology is essentially storing, accessing and interacting with data and applications over the internet.

Today we are going to tackle the top three reasons why people outside of IT should care about the cloud. Considering the role that it plays in our lives, from accessing photos on our phones to accessing confidential data at work, it's time to bring more people into the cloud community.

The Environment

Before cloud computing, individuals and organizations needed to store data and applications locally, on a hard drive. Breaking away from out of date infrastructure is one way of having a positive impact on our environment. You're able to discuss with your cloud provider what sustainability practices they are partaking in.

When it comes to our data centers in Montreal, Quebec and Santa Clara, California, we are dedicated to energy efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to environmentally friendly hydroelectric power and abundant free cooling it's possible to have enough clean, reliable energy for high performance.

Your Privacy & The Cloud

No matter what industry you're in you know that you need to keep confidential data safe. Having very little understanding of the cloud and how it works can leave your business vulnerable to security threats. These privacy violations can be catastrophic as they are public.

Cloud computing is one of the most secure ways of storing and accessing data. There are many tools available to help fight the war on data breaches. At VEXXHOST, we prioritize network security in our data centers with an SSAE-16 facility, which undergoes yearly SOC Type 2 audits. In addition, our security staff is onsite 24/7/365 and we have continuous monitoring through HD cameras. From a physical perspective, your data is extremely secure. When it comes to online activity it's important that you access your cloud through a secure internet connection and make sure that you are creating strong passwords where necessary.

Time To Think Beyond The IT Department

IT trends, as well as job roles are changing faster than ever. Moreover new technologies and innovations mean that cloud computing isn't merely just for an organization's IT department anymore. Hence, if you want to ensure that you're staying competitive in the job market it's important that you become well versed in the basics.

Trust the experts at VEXXHOST if you need a hand in implementing a cloud solution for your business or organization. We have been active members of the vibrant OpenStack community since 2011. Contact us to learn more about our OpenStack private and public cloud infrastructures and services. From small businesses to large enterprises, we are here to help you transition to the cloud!

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