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How Cloud Computing Has Transformed UX Part 1

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Innovations in cloud computing have transformed UX in unprecedented ways. From having the ultimate data backup to better online support, there are many reasons why the cloud is here to stay.

Innovations in cloud computing have transformed UX (User Experience) in unprecedented ways. From having the ultimate data backup to better online support, there are many reasons why the cloud is here to stay. The cloud's impact on UX goes further than just improvements to your company's workflow. Organizations that adopt cloud services see a rise in productivity and experience more ease in retrieving information. Working faster, as well as working smarter, is a recipe for a happier workplace and happier clients.

Today we're here to break down four reasons why cloud computing has transformed UX for the better. This is part one of two so stay tuned to our blog this week to learn more about UX and the cloud.

Never Lose Your Work Again

Here's a familiar situation: You completed the extremely long and difficult document in record-breaking time. Well done! You step away from the computer for one moment and suddenly your computer crashes. There's a sinking feeling in your stomach. All your work is gone and you're still on deadline. Thankfully, with cloud computing, you are no longer reliant on your computer's hard drive.

When you save your data to the cloud rather than on a hard drive you're protecting yourself from technology-related failures. When your data is in the cloud you're relying on servers that have security measures put into place to ensure there are no blackouts. When you save your data to the cloud you're ensuring that you won't experience a lost work emergenc again. Meaning a better experience for you, your boss and whoever is waiting on that document.

See A Rise In Productivity

Imagine if you were able to work from anywhere. We live in a mobile society and certain jobs require remote work or travel. An increasing number of the workforce is looking towards the cloud to find balance in a non-traditional office environment. When your employees are able to access important data and applications from just a secured internet connection then it's inevitable that there will be a rise in productivity. It doesn't matter if they are in a hotel in Japan or on location in France, your staff will have access to what they need to keep working. No downtime means maximum productivity when you need it most.

Find Information Faster

Simply put, the faster you find the information that you need, the more productive you are online. Cloud servers are typically faster and more reliable than traditional on-site servers.

As an added bonus for the marketers out there, the speed of the cloud helps improve SEO ranking. Google rates websites on a variety of factors and loading time is a significant aspect of SEO success. A higher SEO ranking means that your website will be found by those who need to. Moreover, a website that runs quickly and efficiently is a UX essential. It's a win-win on all accounts.

Get Better Support

At this point, you know that cloud technology has been a major game-changer for the IT industry and beyond. Another benefit of the cloud is that you're able to receive support via cloud-based technology from anywhere. This on-demand support means that you can receive technical help even though there may not be a specialist near your remote location. Less downtime for electronics and less stress overall.

We at VEXXHOST believe in providing the best UX possible. Whether that means for you, your staff or your customers. With over nine years of experience with OpenStack private and public clouds, we are able to help you complete a wide range of projects with cloud infrastructure. The cloud is the limit! Contact us so we can help get you right where you need to be and stay tuned for part two of how cloud computing has transformed UX!

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