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3 Elements To Consider When Choosing A Public Cloud Provider

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Let's talk about choosing a public cloud provider. From cost savings, productivity, uptime, and even agility, your public cloud needs to fit your business.

When your business has made the big decision to move to a public cloud provider, there are many elements worth considering. From cost savings, productivity, uptime, and even agility, your public cloud needs to fit the unique needs of your business. It is important to take the time to find a provider that you trust. Moreover, taking the time to find the right fit can mean saving valuable resources such as time and money.

Luckily for you, the team of experts at VEXXHOST is here to outline what your business absolutely needs to consider when choosing the right public cloud provider. Ultimately, focusing on these 3 elements will help your business with a smoother transition to the cloud, bigger returns on investment, and of course better productivity within your organization. Keep reading to learn more.

Cost of Services

One of the first things that any organization or business decision-maker needs to consider when choosing a public cloud provider is the cost of the services. When it comes to opting for a public cloud solution there is the potential for savings on infrastructure costs. Take the time to review the right cloud solution for your individual business needs. From servers, storage, networking, and beyond, what does your provider of choice have to offer you? With a public cloud, your business does not need to worry about costs pertaining to physical infrastructure. The physical infrastructure of your cloud resides in a data center belonging to your cloud provider. Ultimately, this means that there are no capital investments required on behalf of your business. Keep a close eye on your usage over time and review usage frequently. This will ensure that your business is able to keep public cloud-related costs down.


Overall Productivity

Of course, any business is looking to increase productivity, especially with the introduction of a new cloud solution. Use the power of your new public cloud to improve staff productivity within your business. Discuss with your potential public cloud provider the various options that are available to your organization. Many IT tasks can be automated to streamline internal processes, which in turn can save on valuable resources such as time and money. Anything from installing, upgrading, and even removing software can become automated with the right tools. As the age-old saying goes, time is money. Making the move to a public cloud can save your team valuable time and increase overall productivity.

Avoiding Downtime

When it comes to choosing the right public cloud provider your business needs to address the dreaded potential for downtime. Now, no downtime cannot be guaranteed but the resiliency of your public cloud solution should be accessed prior to choosing a cloud provider. Your public cloud can benefit your business with increased scalability, security, and reliability when you go with the right provider. No business wants to deal with lost time, lost costs, investigations, and recovery. Not to mention losses in revenue due to downtime. Discuss with your potential cloud provider what measures are in place to reduce the risk of downtime. It could save your business serious headaches in the long term.

Is your business looking for a public cloud provider that ticks all the boxes? VEXXHOST offers enterprise-grade infrastructure solutions that provide high performance throughout your OpenStack powered public cloud. With our public cloud solutions, your business can benefit from multi-architecture and enterprise-grade GPUs. Contact our team of experts to learn more about how we can make your public cloud aspirations a reality.

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