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Top 4 Challenges Of Public Cloud Migration

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It's time to talk about the challenges of public cloud migration. As we begin this new decade we will see an increasing number of changes in the IT industry. That is to say, many organizations are finally taking the technologically savvy jump to a

public cloud

solution. This is not only a smart choice but one that will soon become a necessity rather than an option. There are many benefits to migrating to a public cloud, however, there are also several challenges that you need to keep in mind. Many fear that the cloud migration process might be difficult and that the added friction will cause issues within their IT departments.

Are you thinking of migrating to a public cloud solution? We are here to help you tackle the top 4 challenges of cloud migration so the experience can be as seamless as possible.

Disruptions And Other Challenges Of Public Cloud Migration

We know that just a single hour of downtime can cost an enterprise thousands of dollars. Downtime is essentially money down the drain. It's critical to ensure that this does not ever happen. Public cloud migration must be conducted in a way that limits drastically the disruption of applications. When it comes to return on investment and business costs you cannot afford unexpected downtime. For example, if your users cannot properly access your applications or data they will have a negative user experience. Bad user experience only causes your operations to suffer.

Pro tip: Focus on minimizing disruptions to keep your users and your bottom line happy.

Potential Security Breaches

Major data breaches do not exist just in the news. There is a real need for enterprises to ensure that the data that they are migrating to a public cloud is secure. While your public cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud itself, it's your role to make sure that what you're putting into the cloud is secure. If you follow the best data compliance practices you'll be protecting yourself from breaches.

Pro tip: Make your

public cloud security best practices

a daily focus. You need to keep up with the dynamic nature of your cloud to ensure that everything is as secure as it can be.

Unnecessary Costs Of Public Cloud Migration

One of the largest pulls towards public cloud solutions is how cost-effective it has the potential to be. Public clouds offer on-demand provisioning of resources, which is a major benefit. It allows customers to avoid capacity planning altogether. Enterprises also have the additional benefit of sidestepping management or support fees. In contrast, if you're misusing your cloud spend then the savings might not be as hefty as expected.

Pro tip: A public cloud solution is only as cost-effective as you make it. Keep a close eye on resource provisions to best manage your public cloud for optimal results.

A Growing Skill Gap

In a diverse IT department, there may be a shortage of staff members who are capable of securing and managing public cloud environments. It's crucial to have all cloud migrations go as smoothly as possible and there is no room for errors. Finally, you need to go beyond personnel who understand IT security but find those who understand public clouds, their major platforms, and their individual nuances.

Pro tip: How do you find the middle ground to educate those unfamiliar with cloud technology and the digitally native members of staff? Ensure that you are regularly upskilling your staff with training and seminars meant to keep everyone up to date.

Migrating to an OpenStack public cloud is easy if you have the right provider. VEXXHOST offers competitive pricing, downtime management, and other benefits to help you tackle the challenges of

public cloud migration


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