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A Look Back at VEXXHOST's 2019!

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

It's been a busy year here at VEXXHOST. We have added some new features and updated our existing offerings. Read on to know all about what's new!

It's been a busy year for our team here at VEXXHOST. 2019 has come with multiple new additions to our services, and we continue to take pride in our high level of service and efficiency when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients. Here is looking back at the past year and appreciating your partnership through this rewarding journey!

Newly Added Features to Our Services

In the past year, the VEXXHOST team has worked tirelessly to bring new features to our services! Our first endeavour was testing and deploying IPv6 in our Santa Clara Region public cloud infrastructure, officially resulting in all of our regions running IPv6.

April proved to be an action-packed month for the company! We kickstarted the month with upgrading to Stein, the first release from OpenStack for the year. In fact, VEXXHOST was the first cloud provider to have Stein up and running on the same day that it was released. Next came the 20th release of OpenStack, Train, in October and we were there to launch it on-demand for our private cloud users on day one itself! Being an updated and avid member of the open-source community, it is important for us to make the best of features available to our clients.

We went on to revamp our

Public Cloud Billing Model

in May. The primary benefit to our public cloud users came in the form of reduced costs along with better control over costs and instance configuration.

Based on a customer request, we then added the support for UEFI Instance Booting and also made it available to any and all OpenStack - Ansible users! Giving you a more user - friendly graphical interface and as well as much more satisfying and fuller setup menus.

Furthermore, developers can now take advantage of our way of Package Version Management at scale as we open-sourced




! Through this, hosts that consume package metadata always get the exact version of packages when needing to update.

For our users to enjoy additional cost benefits, we reduced our

Storage Pricing

for both our solid-state drive storage and hard disk drive storage. Users were able to see the cost reduction immediately, as well as on their subsequent billing cycle.

Along with the October festivities, the VEXXHOST team had the three latest releases of


, 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16, certified by the CNCF, providing you with a verified solution.

Solution Offerings of the Year

We added features to services and launched some new solution offerings for you!

  • Our year started with an update to our private cloud offering. One of the main features that will be made available to new and existing users is the ability to have virtual machines, bare-metal and containers operating all in the same environment.
  • In April, we also unveiled a new solution offering, Kubernetes Enablement. The offering is available to both our public and private cloud users, irrespective of the state of their OpenStack infrastructure.
  • In order for all to have the best of OpenStack, we also announced our OpenStack Upgrades solution in May. Our offering aimed to guide and support users not only in the successful upgrade of their OpenStack software but also in their goal of getting the most out its features.
  • The AnsibleFest in September also commemorated the announcement of our new solution offering, Managed Zuul. Our solution includes not only taking care of the infrastructure layer underneath but also providing additional services like monitoring, update and upgrades! VEXXHOST is excited to be the first managed solution provider for Zuul and help all users up their DevOps game!

Industry Events and Memberships

The VEXXHOST team had the opportunity to be a part of several events throughout the year.

This year we sponsored two Ansible Meetups in Montreal. At the April Ansible Meetup, we served up some popcorn to all the attendees and our CEO held the last session of the evening and talked about how to build infrastructure with ansible. For the second round at the October Ansible Meetup, we brought pizza and this time the last session was ours again in which we talked about the CI/CD tool, Zuul.

VEXXHOST also sponsored the first

Open Infrastructure Summit

in Denver where the team was presented the Superuser Award!

It was a moment of great honour for us when our CEO, Mohammed Naser, presented at

OpenStack Day CERN

about OpenStack's vGPU support in May.

Jumping into our role as Ansible users, VEXXHOST then sponsored and attended AnsibleFest in Atlanta this September. The team had an interactive Open Lounge Session along with our CEO, Mohammed Naser giving a talk on the CI/CD tool, Zuul and its project gating feature.

Towards the end of it all, we realized that we have had a lot to share with you over the past ten years. We took out some time to celebrate this small milestone of 10,000 tweets this October!

In November we were a part of the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai, where our CEO was a part of the discussion to address issues with Public Cloud billing in order to come up with a viable industry-wide solution!

December festivities were brightened with VEXXHOST joining the Ceph Foundation as a General Member. We are currently running the latest version of Nautilus and are eagerly looking forward to collaborating on the innovative journey that lies ahead!

With this packed year coming to an end, we hope to continue improving our services and bringing to you the latest features! We look forward to many new adventures and opportunities in the year to come.

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