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Recap of the October Ansible Meetup in Montreal

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Ansible Montreal organized yet another meetup in October and VEXXHOST stepped up to not only attend but also sponsor the event and this time we brought pizza! Our co-sponsors for the event were Red Hat and Evolix.

The evening commenced with a welcome talk given by David Moreau-Simard, a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. This was followed by a talk from the Senior Product Manager at Ansible, Tim Appnel, who talked about the future of Ansible. He began with an architectural review and community factors that lead to Ansible's accomplishments, and then went on to talk about the challenges that it must address now since its first commit was made in 2012. The talk was all about Ansible's evolution path and what the years ahead have in store. This was illustrated through a demonstration of some of the new features that have come up with the recent releases.

After a short break, the event resumed with Tim Appnel talking about how to use one's Ansible knowledge with Kubernetes. This session succinctly covered how to use an Ansible ecosystem to implement operators and dynamically manage Kubernetes applications.

Zuul Demo

The meetup concluded with a presentation from our CEO, Mohammed Naser. The presentation was all about Zuul, an Ansible based CI/CD platform. The session shed some light on the fact that CI/CD tools are generally developed with the singular purpose of testing changes before and after merging. Therefore, jobs after merging have the possibility of breaking without prior knowledge. All in all the talk mentioned Zuul's extensive Ansible integration which allows for multiple testing configurations and project gating features!

It is always a pleasure to mingle and interact with other industry enthusiasts. We appreciate all those who came out to support the event and we look forward to catching you at the next one!

VEXXHOST is now offering a Managed Zuul solution to help with your CI/CD needs. We are here to take care of the infrastructure layer underneath while also providing management and support services for this effective project gating tool.

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