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We Did It Again! VEXXHOST Running OpenStack's Newest Release, Train, On The Same Day Of The Launch

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The VEXXHOST team is ecstatic to announce that after a lot of hard work, we are running Train, OpenStack's 20th and latest release.

Once again, the VEXXHOST team is ecstatic to announce that we are running Train, OpenStack's 20th and latest release. Last year, we were able to deploy OpenStack's 18th release, Rocky, on all infrastructures on the same day it was launched, making us the very first company to have it up and running. This year, OpenStack launched Stein, their 19th release, and we were yet again the first ones to have it deployed on that same day.

We are incredibly proud to have been so involved in the development of OpenStack's Train release and are excited to share all of its new features with our users. With this upgrade, users will be able to benefit not only from security and data protection enhancement but also from expanded support for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning accelerator. The Train release will also offer better resource management and tracking.

Firstly, this new release now allows us to offer support for building software RAID, protecting its services from disk failures for the Ironic bare metal service. Our users will also be able to benefit from added support on multiple Cinder drivers. Its new features include multi-attach and consistency groups.

In addition, thanks to Nova's new features when using the libvirt driver, our users can now rest in peace and enjoy protection against attackers or bad administrators spying on their workloads. They'll also get access to live migration support for servers with NUMA topology, pinned CPUs and/or huge pages, as well as for servers with SR-IOV ports attached. Its framework will now support hardware-based encryption of guest memory, which is an improvement when it comes to multi-tenant environments or environments that have publicly accessible hardware. It also now has a revised scheduler that will better filter results from the Placement service.

Placement, now available independently from Nova, will only take 0.7 seconds to run when a request is made, which is a big improvement from 2.9 seconds during the Stein release.

Finally, our users will have access to a blueprint for launching and managing virtual machines with accelerators thanks to the merging of the Cyborg-Nova interaction spec.

In true VEXXHOST fashion, we've not only been one of the biggest contributors to the newest Train release, but also the first to have a private cloud running Train, allowing our users to benefit from all its advantages. Want to try out these exciting new features? Visit our OpenStack Upgrade page if you already have your own private cloud or fill out the form to get a quote if you'd like to jump into the OpenStack technology wagon and get your first private cloud.

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