The VEXXHOST team is excited to announce that we have tested and deployed IPv6 on our Santa Clara region public cloud infrastructure, officially resulting in all of our regions running IPv6. Now, each of VEXXHOST’s servers across our entire infrastructure, through the use of stateless auto-configuration, is automatically designated with an IPv6 address.

IPv6 enables each individual user to have an many IPs as the entirety of the internet as opposed to each individual having only a singular IP address. This delivers on VEXXHOST’s differentiators as many cloud providers only offer IPv4, whereas when a user sets up a virtual machine with VEXXHOST, we can offer both IPv6 and IPv4 in simplified ways.


What this means is that there is nothing manually required from users in regards to the servers as they will have an existing pre-configured IPv6 address. This address can also be found within each users control panel, located under the server overview.

Through this update that consolidates all of our public cloud regions to be IPv6 compliant, our users can not only benefit on the individual level, but they will also be able to offer their own services via IPv6 as well, resulting in its accelerated adoption worldwide.

If you or your company are interested in VEXXHOST’s cloud computing offering, you can sign up for a free trial today using OpenStack’s Passport program. For any questions you may have regarding this update or VEXXHOST’s complete solution, you can also contact us!




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