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Recap Of The First Open Infrastructure Summit

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

VEXXHOST had a fantastic time at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver and we hope you did too! Check out our recap of all the excitement.

OpenStack's first Open Infrastructure Summit wrapped up this past Wednesday in Denver, Colorado. Considering all the activities that took place, the VEXXHOST team put together a recap for those who may have missed some of the excitement, as well as for all those who were unable to attend.

SuperUser Award

This year, the VEXXHOST team was nominated for the OpenStack SuperUser award, which is given to the company who uses open source infrastructure to not only differentiate themselves within the competitive landscape but also as a means of advancing business while passionately contributing the open source community itself.


The first major announcement that we made was concerning the launch of our Kubernetes Enablement offering. Now, in addition to being able to provide our users with CNCF Certified Kubernetes, VEXXHOST can also deliver the latest version of Kubernetes to our clients regardless of the state of their OpenStack infrastructure.

Talks, Forums & Panels

Through the summit, Mohammed Naser, our CEO who is also the OpenStack Technical Committee Chair and the PTL for Anisble, gave a few presentations, hosted a forum and participated in a panel.

During the opening day, Mohammed Naser, who is also the PTL for Ansible, delivered the Ansible project update, while one of our OpenStack engineers, Guilherme Steinmüller, who is a part of Ansible's core team, presented the project onboarding.

On Tuesday, Mohammed Naser hosted a forum discussing the common capabilities amongst deployment tools as a means of clearing out the numerous options in order to help users find those that function best for them.

For the final day of the summit, Mohammed Naser participated in a panel on the production workloads of Kubernetes. While the art of managing extensive amounts of data a day can seem overwhelming, he delved into how it is currently being done by VEXXHOST.

On the first day of the summit, our colleague Melissa Upton took to the Marketplace demo theatre to present "Kubernetes, VMs & Bare Metal: Pushing The Limits Of Your Private Cloud".

Mixer & Giveaways

Throughout our three days at the summit, VEXXHOST gave out quite a bit of swag, in the form of wireless chargers, bags and $40,000 worth of cloud credits! If you picked up one of our $200 cards, don't forget to redeem it.

During the Marketplace Mixer that was held on Monday, day one of the Summit, VEXXHOST also served up delicious sandwich platters and meatball skewers.

We're Hiring

VEXXHOST is currently looking for talented and passionate OpenStack engineers to join our growing team. If you are interested in applying, you can do so through the careers page on our website.

The Open Infrastructure Summit was full of exciting talks and activities and the VEXXHOST team was definitely kept busy! If you missed us at the summit or weren't able to attend, you can still book some time with us using the following link. We hope that everyone had an amazing time and are looking forward to the next one!

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