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Take advantage VEXXHOST’s 10+ years of expertise in deploying OpenStack cloud, for free!

Why Atmosphere 

Atmosphere supports a multitude of important infrastructure functionalities such as virtual machines, Kubernetes, bare metal along with block and object storage, load balancers as a service, and more.

Production Ready

Atmosphere allows you to install an OpenStack cloud that supports high availability controllers, triple replicated storage and passes Tempest validation tests.

Open Source

Apart from Atmosphere being open source itself, Atmosphere leverages open source tools such as Ansible, Helm, Kubernetes and Prometheus to automate and accelerate deployment.

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Supported by VEXXHOST.

Get support from OpenStack Engineers with a decade of experience. Reach out to learn more about the different OpenStack support plans!

Built with Everyone in Mind

Atmosphere can be a solution for anyone from single developers to multinational companies. OpenStack system administrators of any level can run the tool easily and deploy cloud environments according to their preferences.


VEXXHOST has been using Atmosphere for a long time to deploy its clients’ private clouds as well as the company’s various public clouds. Open sourcing the tool ensures that the global open infrastructure community also benefits from it.

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