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VEXXHOST's Announcements Recap

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Over the past few months, the VEXXHOST team has been busy updating and innovating our solutions, in addition to sponsoring some exciting events. We've put together a quick recap below!

Addition of Kubernetes Enablement Offering

VEXXHOST launched its Kubernetes Enablement offering in April, making it possible for users to take advantage of easy access to Kubernetes versions 1.12 through 1.14, regardless of their OpenStack infrastructure.

Upgrade to OpenStack Stein Release

In mid-April, OpenStack launched their 19th release, Stein, and we were the first company to have this latest update deployed on all of our infrastructure, ultimately running it on the** same day of the release**.

Updated Private Cloud Offering

In early January, we announced a **revamp of our private cloud **offering that enabled users to have access to virtual machines, bare metal and containers all within one environment. This update, coupled with our already flexible deployment options, truly set us apart from other vendors.

Updating Santa Clara Region to IPv6

In mid-April, we announced that our Santa Clara region now featured IPv6 for all public cloud use. Meaning that each server across our entire infrastructure, is automatically designated with an IPv6 address.

Updating Public Cloud to per Minute Billing

We announced the revamp of our **public cloud billing model **in early May, making the switch from hourly billing to per minute billing for our public cloud clients.

Adding Support for UEFI Booting Instances

Based on a customer request, we have added support for UEFI. Additionally, because we're passionate about open source, we were able to fix this in upstream, meaning that it's not only available to our customers, but to any OpenStack Ansible users!

Open Sourcing YUM Tooling

We are starting to open source the tools that we use to ensure a reliable infrastructure and Yum is our first one! If you're a developer and are looking for an improved way of managing your package versions at scale - check it out!

Addition of OpenStack Upgrades Offering

In mid-June, we announced the addition of OpenStack Upgrades to our consultation offering. With our extensive expertise in upgrading to each new OpenStack release, we can help get your organization's OpenStack cloud to where you need it to be!

Storage Price Reduction

VEXXHOST has recently reduced our prices for block storage, effective immediately. Now, our users enjoy significant savings through only paying $0.15 per GB, per month for SSD storage and $0.02 per GB, per month for HDD storage!

Montreal Ansible Meetup

VEXXHOST attended the Ansible meet up held in Montreal on April 17th, where the team handed out fresh popcorn and CEO Mohammed Naser delivered a talk on what not do to when building out your infrastructure on Ansible. To stay up to date with all the other events we attend, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Open Infrastructure Summit

During the first day of the summit, VEXXHOST had the honour of being presented with the SuperUser award! Our team also participated in a few of the talks, forums and panels over the course of the summit. In addition, we served up some meatball skewers and sandwiches during the Marketplace Mixer.

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