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OpenStack Upgrades: Now Offered by VEXXHOST

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

VEXXHOST is excited to announce the latest addition to our offering: OpenStack Upgrade Consultation. Find out how our experience can be put to work for you!

VEXXHOST is thrilled to announce that the much sought-after service of OpenStack Upgrades is now available within our offering. VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades service is available to companies who have an existing private cloud that is running an older release, delivering to users an updated OpenStack infrastructure running the latest release, Stein. As the OpenStack Community releases its software every six months or so, the ability to run their latest release is invaluable.

Why Upgrades Matter

Organizations that aren't up to date with their OpenStack software can face some significant challenges. For example, through the Rocky release, users were given the ability to recover machines after power faults, access Fast Forward Upgrades, manage BIOS settings, and implement improved security within key projects. Not only are they unable to take advantage of these new features and improve upon their existing infrastructure, but they run the risk of their release becoming outdated and deprecated, leaving them to create or hire a support team to maintain it.

"VEXXHOST is a recognized member of our open source community," said Thierry Carrez, vice president of Engineering for the OpenStack Foundation and elected member of the OpenStack Technical Committee. "Beyond providing project infrastructure resources, they contributed back their experience, leadership, and code. This upstream investment allows them to anticipate new releases, upgrade early, and often make new versions of OpenStack available to their customers on release day. Upgrading complex infrastructure early and often to benefit from the latest features remains a challenge. We are thrilled that today, VEXXHOST is making its OpenStack upgrade expertise available to any cloud operator who needs it."

VEXXHOST's public and private clouds have not only remained up to date with each OpenStack release but have been running the upgrades on the same day that they are launched by OpenStack. For example, when Stein was released by the OpenStack Community on April 10th, we were offering this 19th upgrade to our clients as well. It is through this hands-on approach and significant experience that we're able to help our users upgrade each release.

How This Benefits Our Users

“VEXXHOST is passionate about delivering the best to our users, and being able to guide and support them not only in the successful upgrade of their OpenStack software but also in their goal of getting the most out its features in regards to their use cases.” Says Mohammed Naser, VEXXHOST CEO.

Through the OpenStack Upgrades offering, users benefit from our extensive OpenStack expertise and commitment to continuous upgrades. We not only ensure that our users can leverage the latest and greatest OpenStack releases, but also that these updates are done in a way that our users don't incur any complications. This is achieved through the employment of OpenStack's Tempest, a project developed specifically to validate deployments.

VEXXHOST has offered this service to our users in the past through our consultation offering, however, to make it easier for users to take advantage of it, we have broken out OpenStack Upgrades into its own simplified solution. Should you or your company be interested in learning more about the advantages of VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades offering, visit OpenStack Upgrades page.

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