OpenStack® Hybrid Cloud

Managed Hybrid Cloud solutions for your business.

Create Custom-Fit Infrastructure For Your Need.

With our flexible hybrid solutions, you can mix between public cloud , private cloud and on-premise solutions to create the ideal environment for your needs. Our hybrid cloud offers you greater flexibility and more deployment options while allowing you to optimize and leverage your current assets.

Why chose Hybrid Cloud?

Vexxhost ensures that your data and applications receive the highest level of security possible. By creating a hybrid environment on our infrastructure you can benefit from our highly secured data centres, Canadian data privacy laws and backed up by a 100% SLA service.

Our dedicated load balancer distributes traffic among your dedicated, public and private servers. Every load balancer on our platform runs within it’s own dedicated instance and dedicated IP. You can rest assured that you will always be getting consistent performance without any slowdowns.

Hybrid cloud allows you to create the optimal cost effective mix of public, private and on premise cloud to fit your needs. By running workload on their ideal platforms the you can save on computing cost, maximize cloud technology and leveraging your existing assets.

100% Certified

Our hybrid cloud is fully OpenStack Powered.

OpenStack Program Powered Logo Our cloud services contains OpenStack software and has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services.

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