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What Does VEXXHOST's OpenStack Private Cloud Services Include?

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At VEXXHOST, we have a vast offering of enterprise-grade OpenStack private cloud services. Here's a look at some OpenStack projects we support and how they will benefit you as a private cloud user.

VEXXHOST Private Cloud Services

At VEXXHOST, we have a vast offering of enterprise-grade OpenStack private cloud services. Below given are a few examples of the OpenStack projects we support and how they will benefit you as a private cloud user. We use them or various other OpenStack projects for private cloud deployments depending on specific use scenarios. Rest assured, if your enterprise is in need of these private cloud services, we make it available.

Compute and Network


With Nova, you can build and launch applications easily and efficiently. Our servers will offer you the resources, flexibility, and power you need to run and manage your workloads. It provides you with extensive integration with OpenStack, enables remote access, and gives you high-performance results, and is compatible with multiple architectures.


Since our cloud networks are based on OpenStack's Neutron project, they give you the ability to create single-tenant networks where you have absolute control over topology and architecture. You also can create networks and allow connections to multiple servers and leverage floating IPs, among other capabilities.


Octavia is a load balancer giving your scalable and high-performance cloud traffic management capabilities. Quick disruptions on your traffic can be managed easily with Octavia. Users are able to choose from multiple SSL encryptions with Octavia and it also has the ability to conduct server health checks.


Designate is your ideal OpenStack solution for reliable mapping. This DNS server works with many similar servers and gives you REST API and integrated identity authentication. It is also fully managed, can generate records based on VMs, and allows for constant monitoring.

Hardware Lifecycle


Ironic is an OpenStack based high-performing bare metal solution for you. The physical and dedicated nature of it allows for optimal security. It also provides you with centralized management capabilities, reduces complexities, and increases the performance of your machines.



Swift is the ideal solution for your cloud object needs. Part of our private cloud services, Swift is enterprise-grade and highly reliable. Combined with our advanced dashboard control panel, Swift will give you a simple, easy-to-use interface where you can store and get data from anywhere on devices of your choice.


Our OpenStack solution for easy and reliable block storage. With Cinder, you can increase and decrease storage dynamically without worrying about physical upgrades. It gets you to grow and adapt your cloud with maximum flexibility ensured.


Manila is your ideal OpenStack solution for reliable file-sharing by controlled user access. Additionally, it can integrate with block storage, ensure efficient, performance-conscious processing, and make use of existing hardware through file-sharing API from OpenStack.

Shared Services


Keystone is an identity authentication service that will give you confidence in the security and privacy of your data. It provides a one-step authentication for your cloud services. This includes existing applications. It also enables full auditing and allows you to manage cloud users and groups and adjust roles with LDAP and SSO Integration.


If you're looking for a simple solution for OpenStack based image storage, Glance is your answer. It provides a fast and easy way to copy and launch instances. Glance also gives you a centralized repository of images for your infrastructure, uses copy-on-write to boot instances fast, validates signed images, etc., among other things. It is one of the most in-demand private cloud services for our users.


Barbican is a secure and reliable key management tool from OpenStack. It allows you to secure data efficiently while also maintaining its accessibility. You don't face the burden of managing your keys personally. Barbican also seamlessly integrates with other OpenStack cloud services and third-party HSMs.



Powered by Kubernetes, Magnum is a high-performance tool that will help you in containerized application management. Our cloud console offers and gives you quick access to both Kubernetes and Openstack services. The agnostic hosting model also gives lets you run your application on any infrastructure model.



Deploy duplicates of existing environments fast and easy using fully configurable templates from our OpenStack based orchestration tool, Heat. It makes use of dependency trees and delivers consistency and efficiency in managing your servers and environment.

Workload Provisioning


A high-performance project that will help you build and deploy big data platforms and applications like Hortonworks HDP and Cloudera CDH. The deploying can be done 300% more efficiently than our competitors and gives you faster data access and better cost-efficiency.

Interested in our private cloud services? We can help you create your ideal, high-performance, and highly secure private cloud environment and deploy it with the utmost ease.

Have a glance at our wide range of resources to increase your knowledge of private clouds and contact our team with any questions.

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