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Why Cloud Networking with OpenStack Neutron Works Great for Enterprises

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Cloud networking is an important element within all cloud building types. Here is a look at how OpenStack Neutron does networking and benefits businesses.

Cloud networking is an important element within all types of cloud building - public, private, or hybrid. For private clouds from VEXXHOST, our open source networking choice is OpenStack Neutron. We believe that Neutron brings in great value for enterprises in building the 'central nervous system' of their cloud. Let us see why.

Overview of OpenStack Neutron

Neutron is an extremely powerful networking project of OpenStack. It is considered complex by many users but let me reassure you that its capabilities make it a virtual powerhouse like nothing else out there. We have a previous post that lays out the basics of OpenStack Neutron.

OpenStack Neutron can help you create virtual networks, firewalls, routers, and more. It is flexible and secure. With it, OpenStack can offer network-connectivity-as-a-service. Neutron can help other OpenStack projects manage interface devices through the implementation of API.

Here is a breakdown of a few points mentioned above and how they benefit enterprises.

Cloud Networking with Neutron and Benefits for Enterprises

OpenStack Neutron provides cloud tenants with a flexible API, which helps them build strong networking topologies while also allowing them to configure advanced network policies. There is no unnecessary vendor lock-in as well. A use-case scenario of this capability for enterprises is that they can create multi-tier topologies of web applications.

Neutron allows organizations to have peace of mind regarding security and segmentation as it enables single-tenant networks. These fully isolated networks work in a way that's almost like having your own secure control switch to the servers, with no possibility of someone else accessing. Moreover, segmentation is possible for these connections. This segmentation enables each VM that comes within a given hypervisor the capability to be private to the respective network.

With Neutron for Cloud Networking, enterprises can leverage automatic IP Address Management and ensure consistency. This means that you don't have to manually manage IP addresses, and it allows for consistency between the system and the documentation. Another advantage of these dynamic IP addresses is that the possibility of manipulating IP via blocking the layer above is eliminated.

Did you know that enterprises can use OpenStack Neutron for bare metal scaling? Yes, it is true. Each rack of the system works as a network of its own. The vast scheduling network enables these racks to be interconnected with each other. This capability also allows the system to assign appropriate IP addresses.

Overall, Neutron works as a safe, reliable, and flexible cloud networking option for businesses.

VEXXHOST and OpenStack Neutron

VEXXHOST provides Neutron as our open source solution for networking with private cloud. We also provide various other OpenStack-based services for our clients across the globe. If you want to know more about our services and solutions, contact our team. Improve your knowledge of private clouds from our ever-evolving and dedicated resource page.

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