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How OpenStack Sahara Works As a High-Performance Big Data Platform

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

For OpenStack users, the choice platform to build Big Data applications is the high-performance and versatile Sahara. Find out what makes it special.

Big Data platforms and technologies are exceeding expectations all over. Initially considered a means of generating a large amount of data, they are now pushing limits with high volume, performance, variety, and processing speed.

For OpenStack users, the choice platform to build Big Data applications is the high-performance and versatile Sahara. Let us find out what makes OpenStack Sahara special and how it functions along with other OpenStack projects in creating solid Big Data platforms.

General Objectives and Key Features

OpenStack Sahara provides users with simplified ways to provision clusters such as Hadoop and Stark. This provisioning is done by specifying various parameters like framework version, hardware node details, cluster topology, and more. Sahara can do this process in minutes and add or remove nodes on demand to scale already provisioned clusters.

As a Big Data Platform, Sahara is designed to address the following:

  • OpenStack data processing clusters are provisioned fast for QA and development
  • Using up unused compute power from general-purpose IaaS clouds
  • Analytics as a Service for certain ad hoc or bursty workloads

Here are some of the key features of the platform:

  • It works as a stable OpenStack component
  • The UI is available on the OpenStack dashboard and is managed through a RESTful API
  • Provides support to several data processing frameworks
  • It features predefined configuration templates that can modify parameters

VEXXHOST and the Big Data Platform, Sahara

At VEXXHOST, we use Sahara combined with other OpenStack projects to deploy clouds with Big Data requirements seamlessly without any upfront costs. We can even deploy big data applications (Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks HDP, etc.) 300% more efficiently. This efficiency results in much faster data access and better cost-efficiency.

Quick Deployment - With the backing of the range of OpenStack services, Sahara can deploy big data applications quickly. By quick, we mean hundreds of servers in a matter of minutes! Incredible, right? This quick deployment means that your team experiences no delays in building big data applications.

Cost Savings - Using a VEXXHOST cloud means that your organization doesn't have to worry about procuring expensive hardware. We are ready for your Big Data project with enterprise-grade hardware solutions.

Scalability for Easy Resource Management - Business needs keep changing. Our OpenStack-based cloud allows you to scale servers up and down as needed quickly, and this comes in highly beneficial for Big Data applications. You don't have to waste time and resources, adding and removing extra space and hardware.

Optimized, High-Performance Cloud - Users are ensured high-performance clouds consistently, avoiding 'noisy neighbor' issues.

No Vendor Lock-Ins, Constant Monitoring, and Support - We ensure full monitoring, support, and incident management for your Big Data applications are ensured with our platform. The open source nature of the cloud makes the entire stack devoid of vendor lock-ins.

As mentioned earlier, VEXXHOST uses the Big Data platform Sahara along with OpenStack projects to create secure private cloud environments. They are highly flexible and secure. You can get to know more about Sahara and the whole cloud offerings by contacting our team or checking our dedicated resource pageon private clouds.

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