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Private Cloud Hosting Companies and Public Cloud Implementation
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Private Cloud Computing and Cloud Computing Strategy
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OpenStack Cloud Consultants and Private Cloud Storage
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OpenStack Project Implementation and OpenStack Cloud Consultants
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OpenStack Based Infrastructure That Will Help You Accelerate Your Ability to Innovate & Increase Internal Operational Efficiency

Solutions to support your most demanding requirements and workloads.

OpenStack Technical Committee and Private Cloud Computing

Fully Managed Solutions

Focus on your business and allow our team’s operational experience in OpenStack to eliminate the complexity of the cloud infrastructure and ensuring that your cloud is secure, up-to-date and fully monitored.

Private Cloud Hosting Companies and Cloud Computing Strategy

Flexible Deployment Methods

By offering multiple deployment methods, we ensure that your cloud infrastructure fits your high demanding requirements. Choose from hosted or on-premise deployment methods to build your ideal IT infrastructure.

OpenStack Consulting and Private Cloud Hosting Companies

Support Dedicated to Your Success

Our team of engineers and consultants will work with you with the help of our flexible and highly customizable deployment methods to create the ideal cloud infrastructure solution for you and for your business.

OpenStack Private Cloud Providers and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

All-in-One Access

All the services that you may need are available to you in one place. Through our CloudConsole dashboard, you can access our comprehensive list of twelve readily available solutions to build your perfect infrastructure.

Private Cloud Hosting Companies and Public Cloud Strategy

Enterprise Grade Security

Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade security for your infrastructure. Your data will be hosted in a highly secured SSAE-16 data centre with a network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most highly regulated industries.

Private Cloud Computing and OpenStack Project Implementation

Get Started in Seconds

The combination of our high-end compute nodes along with the cloud server scheduler will boot your servers faster than ever before. Your server will be up, running and accessible in under 30 seconds from the moment you request it.

OpenStack Infrastructure Consulting and Cloud Computing Strategy

Fully Certified OpenStack Powered Cloud Solutions

Our cloud services contain OpenStack software that has been validated through
testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services.

Our infrastructure is currently running Rocky — the latest release of OpenStack.


See how Opta Information Intelligence reduced its processing time and increased their internal operational efficiency by leveraging VEXXHOST platform

“On our first attempt, we ran half a trillion links across 70 nodes which took about 80-90 days. Since we moved to the new VEXXHOST platform, it only takes 3 days!”
Jin Lee, Senior Data Scientist, Opta

Read their story


Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

VEXXHOST provides infrastructure-as-a-service OpenStack Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud solutions to customers, from small businesses to enterprise across the world. We help our users architect, configure, and optimize their cloud infrastructure to reduce expenses and increase productivity.

Established in 2006, VEXXHOST was initially a web hosting provider offering services from shared hosting to VPS. With the advancement in cloud technologies allowed, VEXXHOST moved to more innovative options such as cloud hosting. The positive response to the leap to cloud-based hosting encouraged VEXXHOST to invest further cloud-based solutions. In 2011, VEXXHOST adopted and began contributing to OpenStack software for its infrastructure.

VEXXHOST delivers a high level of expertise to help clients optimize cloud infrastructure so they can focus on their core competencies.

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OpenStack Cloud Consultants and OpenStack Technical Committee
Private Cloud Hosting Companies and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
Cloud Computing Strategy and OpenStack Infrastructure Consulting
Private Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Computing Strategy
Public Cloud Implementation and OpenStack Cloud Consultants
OpenStack Infrastructure Consulting and Private Cloud Hosting Companies

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