Big Data

High Performance Big Data Platform.

What you’ll get

With our broad range of services and high-performance cloud computing platform, you can quickly build and deploy big data platforms and applications with zero upfront costs. Our cloud computing platform allows you to deploy big data applications such as HortonWorks HDP and Cloudera CDH 300% more efficiently than our competitors, giving you access to your data faster and with greater cost efficiencies.

Faster Deployments & Results

Start building your big data applications without delay.

  • Quick Deployment

    With our cloud platform, you can launch hundreds of servers in a matter of minutes, enabling your team to start building your big data applications without delay.

  • Cost Savings

    Make use of our enterprise-grade hardware as opposed to making substantial investments on your own.

private cloud big data platforms and services

Fully Scalable Within Seconds

Easily scale servers up and down as required.

  • Easy Resource Management

    The time frame required to acquire new hardware to accommodate operational growth is reduced significantly. On the cloud, you can launch more servers for the few hours that you need them and terminate them afterward.

private cloud big data scalability

Optimized High Performance Cloud

Users benefit from consistent performance always.

  • Guaranteed High-Performance

    We have taken measures to ensure that you get a consistent level of performance at all times, eliminating ‘noisy neighbor’ problems.

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No Vendor Lock-In Across the Entire Stack

Never lose sight of the health of your environment with VEXXHOST’s full monitoring.

  • OpenStack APIs

    Starting from our standardized OpenStack APIs up to the infrastructure and operating systems we provide, we maintain zero lock-ins across the entire stack, which allows you to build out your platform the exact way you want it.

  • Incident Management

    VEXXHOST also provides incident management so that should any issues arise, our team is immediately alerted and can begin restoring the service instantly.

Ceph Compatible - No Vendor Lock-In Across the Entire Stack

Take advantage of our expertise! VEXXHOST is OpenStack Certified.

Our cloud services contain OpenStack software that has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services.

Our public infrastructure is currently running Ussuri.

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