Flexible & Secure Software Defined Networking, Powered by OpenStack.

What you’ll get

Based on the OpenStack Neutron technology, our cloud networks allow you to create single-tenant networks with complete control over its topology and architecture. You can create networks and connect multiple servers to them, create routers, and connect many networks to them as well as leverage floating IPs.

OpenStack Neutron provides you with an open and flexible API, with no vendor lock-in.

Enables Single-Tenant Networks

Benefit from peace of mind with segmentation.

  • Security

    Cloud networks are single-tenant and fully isolated, meaning that it is the equivalent of having a physical switch connected to your servers, only with no one else connected to it.

  • Segmentation

    The connections can be split up across systems, enabling each virtual machine within a given hypervisor to be private to the same network.

Single Tenant Network

IP Address Management

Take advantage of automatic IPAM for ensured consistency.

  • Ensure Consistency

    Users no longer need to manage their IP addresses manually, ensuring consistency between documentation and the system itself.

  • Secure Assigned IPs

    With dynamic IP requests, it is no longer possible to manipulate the IP through the blocking layer above the IP itself.

Ip Address Management

Spine/Leaf Physical Network Capabilities

Users can make use of Neutron for bare metal scaling.

  • Bare Metal Scaling

    Each rack is a network on its own and interconnects with each other under a vast scheduling network. It enables it to understand and appropriately give IP addresses.

Spine/Leaf Physical Network Capabilities

Take advantage of our expertise! VEXXHOST is OpenStack Certified.

OpenStack Powered

Our cloud services contain OpenStack software that has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services.

Our public infrastructure is currently running Zed.

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