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How you can benefit from OpenStack Upgrade Service.

VEXXHOST’s OpenStack Upgrades offering gives organizations with an existing OpenStack powered private cloud the ability to benefit from any available OpenStack release. Through our extensive experience in managing the most significant public OpenStack cloud in Canada, as well as many private clouds around the world, VEXXHOST is well equipped to help businesses upgrade their cloud. This offering is delivered as a fully managed solution so you can focus on your core competencies while VEXXHOST handles the rest.

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By using & contributing upstream to open source technologies since 2011, VEXXHOST truly knows OpenStack, and we’re extremely quick with the upgrades. We were able to deploy Rocky, Stein and Train all on the same day they were launched, making us the very first company to have them up and running.

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Fully Managed.

With VEXXHOST’s extensive involvement within the OpenStack community and history of deploying the latest releases on the same day of their launch, organizations can rest easy knowing we have the experience and the expertise. We’re also distribution agnostic – we can upgrade your OpenStack cloud regardless of your current provider and OpenStack distribution method used for its deployment.

Seamless Upgrades.

Make use of VEXXHOST’s experienced testing for your best upgrade yet. As VEXXHOST operates an OpenStack public cloud with a known history of reliability, you will benefit from high-availability. Part of deploying a seamless upgrade includes doing the appropriate testing. Through the use of OpenStack’s Tempest project, VEXXHOST can guarantee a faultless upgrading of your system.

Updated Features.

Enjoy the best features of each OpenStack release. By upgrading to a later OpenStack release, users can take advantage of continuously evolving open-source software, benefiting from the critical project updates and features.

With more recent OpenStack releases, your security won’t be at risk of employing weakened or obsolete security features.