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Managed Cloud Service: Explained

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Determining the right cloud management solution can be a challenge. Read on to get to know the benefits of VEXXHOST's fully managed cloud strategy!

The various managed cloud service and solutions being offered within the cloud-computing industry can seem overwhelming, however, one of the most important decisions a business will be faced with is choosing between a managed cloud and a self-maintained cloud. Let's dive into what a managed cloud really means and how it stacks up against some of the other available options!

Your Options

Through managed cloud services, organizations are able to benefit from the advantages of cloud computing without any of the growing pains that accompany acquiring the extensive knowledge required. Because clouds need to be managed and maintained, organizations have two directions they can take:

The Un-Managed Cloud or Self-Maintained Cloud

In this instance, businesses can opt to rent or purchase the necessary infrastructure while taking all of the responsibility for the management and maintenance of their own cloud infrastructure and APIs.

Organizations that choose this option risk not only incurring expenses stemming from the need to hire knowledgeable engineers and ensuring the necessary supervision but also from over-spending due to excess provisioning as a means of avoiding contention over resources on multi-tenant infrastructure.

The Outsourced Cloud

With outsourced IT service providers, the organization is given an opportunity to move forward in a "business as usual" sense, while a larger enterprise handles the day to day management of their cloud.

More often than not, this comes at a very expensive price and is in addition to the larger outsource company moving significantly slower when it comes to changes and upgrades.

The Partner Managed Cloud

This alternative option entails an organization hiring a skilled and trusted partner to take care of the management and maintenance of their cloud infrastructure, making it possible for businesses to focus on their core competencies.

But why is this a better choice?

Why Choose A Partner Managed Cloud

With a partner managed cloud, organizations are given the ability to tailor and customize the infrastructure as needed, while retaining the choice of which aspects they wish to maintain control over and which aspects they wish to delegate to their provider. These managed cloud services can include support at the infrastructure and application level.


An infrastructure-as-a-service provider like VEXXHOST is not only able to offer its users a fully-managed cloud solution based on its extensive experience and expertise, but one that is also cost-effective. VEXXHOST can take over the maintenance and monitoring of all your cloud-computing components, from the computing, the storage, the networks, the operating systems, including any related tools and APIs.

For more information on how VEXXHOST can deliver a fully managed solution that meets your needs, contact us today!

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