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Why Us?

We're not just your hosting provider, but your hosting partner.

We're here to help you.

All of our cloud-based hosting services allow you to focus on the growth of your business without having the stress of managing, scaling and upgrading your hosting as your business expands. Our staff are always ready to help you correctly plan for your growth and assist you in scaling your business online.

With over years of experience in the web hosting business, we know what we're doing. Each member of our staff has been chosen based on their industry experience and is dedicated to our company and client-centric philosophy. Over the years we have continually worked to improve services and exceed our clients expectations.

We have been in the web hosting industry since its early years and we continue to be involved in the latest hosting technologies as they progress and become more openly available for clients. We aim to bring the latest technologies to our clients at the lowest prices possible, and we are proud to have accomplished that for our past years in this industry.

High Performance & Reliable Infrastructure

We provide you the highest level of performance possible in a web hosting platform by leveraging the latest technologies and optimizing our infrastructure. The latest technologies allow us to increase the level of reliability and allow us to deliver a 100% uptime guarantee.

Powered by Dell® and Intel® Hardware

Our infrastructure uses the latest Dell® servers powered by top-end Intel® processors. Each cloud computing node is powered by at least dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2670v2 processors totaling 40 cores, premium memory running at a market-leading 1866Mhz speed.

Enterprise Datacenter Architecture

Our datacenter, located in Montreal, QC, Canada, can tolerate multiple failures which ensures that your data will continue to be accessible in disaster situations. With enough fuel to power the site for 30 days without refueling, no disaster will stop your service.

High Quality Premium Bandwidth

Our network consists of multiple tier 1 providers that are combined together in a fully redundant BGP network. Our Cisco powered network infrastructure is optimized to decreases latency and increase throughput, allowing your infrastructure to run optimally at all times.

Fully Redundant Cisco® Network

Cisco® is one of the worlds most recognized networking brands for it’s unmatched reliability and quality. Our combination of multiple high quality bandwidth providers and failover Cisco® infrastructure ensures that your service is always up and running, with no network issues.

Guaranteed 100% Uptime.

Our network and service reliability is guaranteed and backed by a market leading service level agreement, which ensures that your infrastructure is always accessible, giving you the confidence to run all your mission critical applications on our infrastructure.

Environment Friendly Hosting

Our datacenter infrastructure is extremely power efficient allowing it to be one of the greenest datacenters in the world. Our entire power supply is supplied by hydroelectricity power which means that our servers are powered 100% by green energy.

Secure Cloud Computing Platform

Security is one of the most important aspects of your infrastructure. Without a secure infrastructure, your infrastructure could potentially face hours and days of outages and destroy your online reputation. We take every measure to ensure the full security of your service.

Advanced Firewall Protection

Your infrastructure is always protected behind multiple firewalls with various levels of control depending on which service you use. From a fully managed firewall when using our cloud sites service to a fully automated self-serve firewall which you can configure yourself for cloud servers.

PCI Compliant Tier III Datacenter

Your infrastructure will be hosted in one of the largest and most secure datacenter facilities in the world. Our tier 3 facility complies with the highest security standards with 24x7x375 on-site staff and biometric security which ensures the safety of your data and infrastructure.

End-to-End SSL Protection

Our infrastructure uses SSL across both external and internal networks. This ensures that your data travels safely encrypted across the Internet until it arrives to our datacenters. Once there, your requests are also sent across a firewalled and protected SSL network, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Single-Tenant Private Networks

Our infrastructure allows you to setup flexible and secure cloud networks. Cloud networks are single-tenant, fully dedicated and isolated networks that allow you to interconnect your virtual machines. This allows you to run your critical services over a secure and private network on our infrastructure.

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