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How To Overcome Cloud Operation Complexities

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Businesses face several issues related to cloud operations when scaling their workloads. Here is how you can tackle these problems with cloud native technologies.

Across different verticals, the use of cloud computing is continuously on the rise. However, not every enterprise can maximize business success through cloud technology. If you are repeatedly facing cloud operation hurdles, then the benefits of your environment are nullified. Whereas, if you know how to make the most of your cloud, then the advantages increase exponentially.

Challenges That Come With A Growing Business

Businesses that are scaling operations are likely to face problems. The most common issue is the scale of operations. Whether you are scaling up or down, your cloud infrastructure must be elastic enough to absorb these changes. Additionally, being able to maintain a consistent stance on operations and pattern of application development is critical to operational success.

Cloud Native Technology For Operational Success

Leveraging cloud-native technologies can help your organization overcome the difficulties mentioned above. Get ready for your investments in your cloud infrastructure to pay off through the means of cloud-native technology.

Cloud deployment challenges are tackled with ease when cloud native approaches like containers, that also support microservices, are utilized. Container orchestration tools like Kubernetes streamline the process of running applications on the cloud. This enables companies to gain better operational efficiencies in the following manner:

  1. Scalability

Containers are known to support microservices, which is now becoming the application development infrastructure of choice. More importantly, they can spin applications on demand. Additionally, users have the freedom to spin down resources that are no longer in use. Therefore, scaling in any direction becomes easy and economical.

  1. Deployment Consistency

Regardless of the location of your applications, running them uniformly is crucial. Maintaining consistency between on-premise and cloud applications is simple with containers. Moving vital resources from one environment to another is seamless through containers.

  1. Operational Stance

This aspect is of most importance for user experience. Ensuring than end users feel like the applications are on just a single operating environment is enabled through containerization. No matter then the number of cloud providers involved in your service, your DevOps team can showcase a uniform experience for your users.

Kubernetes For Improved Efficiency

With the right container orchestration tool by your side, you can make the most of your cloud setup. Not only are you working with more efficiency but also optimizing the customer experience and maximizing on the flexibility of the cloud.

We at VEXXHOST provide certified Kubernetes through our Kubernetes Enablement offering. You can easily integrate Kubernetes with various OpenStack services for enhanced functionality. Our service ensures the availability of the most up to date version of Kubernetes and the OpenStack project. Get in touch with our experts to get started with Kubernetes.

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