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Turning To Cloud Computing & Orchestration For Business Success

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

External stimuli lead to constant changes in business strategies. A way to future-proof your enterprise is adopting cloud infrastructure and implementing container orchestration.

Cloud computing has become an integral part of the business infrastructure, even more in the last couple of months. In the current global health and economic climate, business strategies require a transformation. With an unprecedented need for remote work, companies are striving to do whatever it takes to keep their operations going, retain customers, and survive.

Keeping Afloat On The Cloud

The cloud is a practical and unchallenged means of keeping a business afloat in the current times of cost-cutting and restructuring.

  1. The cloud setup can effectively reduce costs for securing and managing IT resources.
  2. The collaboration capabilities of a cloud setup are crucial for working in decentralized settings.
  3. The cloud infrastructure enables companies to outsource the difficulty of modern IT needs to specialists. Consequently, allowing your company to focus on its core competencies and revenue generation. The cloud brings numerous advantages that earlier were just value-added services. Although cloud computing is still a complex concept, it's nothing you cannot handle with the right cloud provider. Some incentives of migrating to the cloud are now just basic requirements for the functioning of contemporary IT setups. Due to which cloud resources are increasingly becoming a necessity for business success.

An essential part of your cloud ecosystem is container orchestration.

Container Orchestration For The Win

Cloud-native approaches with orchestration platforms like Kubernetes are foundational to automating the management of largescale of clusters. A diversified cloud portfolio ensures security and agility of the overall cloud environment. Everyday use cases for container orchestration tools are:


Containers make the best use of the scalability of the cloud. It evenly expands to accommodate workload surges. Thus, your business can spin clusters up and down as required.


Containers are the de facto environment for running applications with microservices. Operations can be extracted from legacy apps to adapt to modern components. Containers facilitate phasing out of legacy modules while working with microservices. Thus, removing interdependencies in monolithic applications.

Get Started With Cloud Orchestration

Do not miss our blog on best practices for container orchestration. If you are ready to upgrade your environment with the right orchestration tool, then VEXXHOST is here for you. VEXXHOST provides certified Kubernetes service that is compatible with both virtual machines and bare metal. Our solution is fully-managed, taking away the stress of deployment and management of Kubernetes. You can benefit from the latest releases of Kubernetes and make the most of timely upgrades with us. Learn more about our Kubernetes Enablement solution to take your cloud infrastructure to the next level.

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