Block Storage

Reliable and Easy to use OpenStack Block Storage.

What you’ll get

Based on the OpenStack project Cinder, our cloud block storage offers you the option to dynamically increase and decrease your storage without having to worry about any unscalable costly physical upgrades to your storage or server. At no upfront costs and pay as you go platforms, you can have maximum flexibility while your cloud applications can grow as fast as you’d like it to.

Provides Volume Storage for Virtual Machines and Bare Metal

OpenStack’s Cinder can efficiently deliver volume storage for both virtual machines and bare metal.

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Compatible with Numerous Storage Backends

OpenStack’s Cinder can integrate easily with multiple storage backends through its extensive code bank.

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Manages All of Your Storage Devices Using a Single API

Cinder enables users to control all of their multi-format storage devices through using a single API code.

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Integrates Seamlessly With Key Management for Data Encryption at Rest

Cinder ensures the protection of your data through its seamless integration with OpenStack’s key management.

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Moves Data Across Different Storage Backends

OpenStack’s block storage eases the act of transferring data between various storage backends at the rate that best suits you.

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Provides Volume Storage for Virtual Machines and Bare Metal

Provide volume storage to both bare metal and virtual machines through block storage from OpenStack.

  • Highly Compatible

    Cinder is capable of provisioning volume storage for virtual machines using Nova, as well as for volume storage for bare metal through Ironic.

volume storage made available through cloud block storage

Compatible with Numerous Storage Backends

Cinder makes it possible for users to work with their desired storage backends without complications.

  • Avoids Backend Limitations

    OpenStack’s Cinder enables users to create volumes regardless of the backend they’re using. It contains the necessary codes to work with Dell EMC, HPE, Huawei, IBM, NetApp, and much more.

  • Simplifies Code Management

    As opposed to manually maintaining the sets of codes required for integrating with each backend, users only need to keep one. They can use Cinder for the management of all their provisioning and deleting needs.

high compatibility of block storage

Manages All of Your Storage Devices Using a Single API

Simplify the management of your storage devices with OpenStack’s block storage

  • One Code For All Backends

    As opposed to maintaining a different code for each backend, only a single code is needed, as Cinder acts as the holder of all of the codes for creating volumes on different backends.

  • Integration Made Simple

    With each of the backends being within Cinder, users no longer need to create integrations between other services and their backend; they can use Cinder to communicate.

centralized management through openstack block storage

Integrates Seamlessly With Key Management for Data Encryption at Rest

Get the best of both OpenStack’s block storage and key management technologies.

  • Integration With Key Management

    With Cinder and Key Management, when a server is started, the associated key needs to be pulled down for its content to be decrypted.

  • Securing Data At Rest

    By encrypting your data at rest, it becomes inaccessible to those without the appropriate key, ensuring that your content remains secure, even should someone take the server.

seamless integration of block storage to other openstack projects

Moves Data Across Different Storage Backends

Cinder works with your backends, timeline, and budget when migrating your data.

  • Sensitive To Your Timeline

    With Cinder, users have the option of transferring their existing storage systems to a different backend either all at once or bit by bit through an automated process that doesn’t require much of their resources.

  • Works With Your Budget

    Cinder makes it possible for users to save money by phasing out their existing, expensive storage hardware and migrating their data to Ceph.

different storage blocks through openstack project cinder

Take advantage of our expertise! VEXXHOST is OpenStack Certified.

Our cloud services contain OpenStack software that has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services.

Our infrastructure is currently running Stein — the latest OpenStack release.

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That’s a wrap! As the passionate OpenStack users we are, the VEXXHOST team was happy to have attended the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai. This open-source event was put together by the OpenStack Foundation and wrapped up this Wednesday, Nov. 6th.