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OpenStack® Cloud Platform

The world's most advanced, enterprise-ready and easy to use cloud platform.

OpenStack® Industry Leader

Our infrastructure is largely powered by OpenStack®, the world's leading open source cloud computing operating system. OpenStack® is an open source and scalable operating system for building both public and private clouds. It provides a fully flexible alternative to closed cloud environments, reducing risks of lock-in with proprietary platforms.

Project Corporate Sponsor

We are one of the few companies that support the OpenStack community by sponsoring the OpenStack Foundation. In addition, we are one of the top contributing companies in the Nova open source project, which powers all of our cloud services. Our development team knows the OpenStack compute system in and out, which means that any issues are addressed right away.

Leading OpenStack Canadian Provider

We were the first company to bring up an OpenStack powered cloud in Canada. We have been using OpenStack since the Diablo release which was released in September 2011. With over 3 years in operating OpenStack environments, you can rest assured that our engineering and operations team is extremely knowledgeable in operating our OpenStack compute service to ensure the highest level of performance and reliablity.

OpenStack® Benefits

Our cloud computing system is built on top of OpenStack, the world’s leading open source cloud operating system. OpenStack believes in open source, design, development and community that is fully transparent. In addition, the OpenStack platform avoids any vendor lock-in and allows you to easily transition between private and public clouds. The OpenStack compute source code is available online on GitHub.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Platform

The OpenStack cloud computing systems is used by large international firms such as Intel®, Dell®, PayPal® and may more large firms. All of these companies trust OpenStack with all their cloud computing infrastructure, the very same system which powers our cloud.

Flexible & Simple API

The OpenStack compute REST API was built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. In addition, there are many different language-specific software development kits and command line interfaces. We operate the exact API specification designed by the OpenStack Foundation with no changes, for the best OpenStack implementation.

Large Existing OpenStack® Ecosystem

The OpenStack compute API is a popular standard in the cloud computing industry. By leveraging this open standard, you can get started instantly with any tools that use OpenStack. In addition, you can develop your tools and systems on OpenStack without worrying with any vendor lock-in or compatibility issues.

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