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Why Should You Work On Open Source Projects?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

If you are hesitant to get started on your open source project, check out these incentives that might nudge you in the right direction.

Individuals and enterprises alike widely adopt open source solutions. Open source project development is to benefit the community at large. The power to use, fix and build upon an open source project, gives immense flexibility.

If you have an idea for an open source project, don't hold yourself back. Let's take a look at some of the most significant reasons why you should create an open source project.

Self Interest

There are many reasons to start an open source project. But what better idea than self-interest? The self-interest being feeling of altruism. Personal benefits are a great motivator, more so if it results in improving your business processes too. Not only are you contributing to the community at large but also overcoming your technical hurdles.


Community recognition is essential in every professional field. It is just as critical for software developers. Building an open source project gives you accreditation through the open source community. Various events are organized all year round for open source projects. They are an excellent way to acquire knowledge while also showcasing your work.

Moreover, self-advertising is also a benefit of community interaction. Active participants of community events often gain a positive reputation. Therefore, it gets easier to promote your open source work and have more people interested in it.

Project Quality

The standard of the project created is higher because of the extensive involvement of other developers. Being a part of the open source community, allows multiple developers to participate in the development of one project. Consequently, the high degree of collaboration proves the robustness and security of the said project.


Not only can you build your project from scratch but also customize an existing copy of code to suit your business needs. Moreover, with your contribution, someone else can too architect customized versions for different use cases.

Go Open Source With VEXXHOST

Take cloud computing; for example, a large portion of it is standing on open source contributions. The OpenStack software code is among the most widely used and distributed, benefiting enterprises all over the world.

VEXXHOST has long been part of the open source community. Other than being avid contributors, we love to encourage other developers and companies to take on open source initiatives. With this in mind, VEXXHOST is also part of the OpenStack Passport program, offering resources to those developers and their organizations looking to get started on their open source journey. Get in touch with us to know more about our Public Cloud trial.

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