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Why Choosing the Right Gaming Servers Are Important?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Cloud-based gaming servers ensure that users have everything they need in the platform for long term success in the industry. Read more.

Setting up a successful gaming platform requires a proper infrastructure to be in place. Gaming servers hold prime importance in such an infrastructure. It is a means to ensure that you have everything you need in the platform and that the set up works for your long term success. A platform with gaming servers can give you scalability and low latency while also getting you to stand out from the crowd.

Recently, cloud servers, particularly private clouds, have gained popularity among gamers, developers, and gaming companies looking into servers for their growing needs. Some people and organizations still opt for a physical infrastructure with high-powered CPUs and storage servers. Basically, it all comes down to personal and team preferences. But a cloud-based system comes with significant advantages on several factors such as cost, maintenance, scalability, and upgrades. Here's a deeper look at cloud gaming servers.

Gaming Servers Over the Cloud

If you want an optimized environment for your gaming platform, cloud is the ideal solution. As mentioned earlier, cost savings are a major factor here. With a structure like a dedicated private cloud, the provider is responsible for everything from set up to upgrades. The user is free of all such hassles and can concentrate on gaming and development. The takeaway is that unless you have a dedicated team, budget, and resources to set up, maintain, and manage the infrastructure, cloud is your best bet.

Cloud-based gaming servers enable users to meet their specific needs effectively. They also allow maximum flexibility in terms of server space and configuration. In a public cloud system, the users share this space with other users looking for similar configurations. It goes without saying that the security measures set up by the provider ensure that there isn't any overlap because of the shared servers. With private cloud, the user gets all the benefits of a dedicated system where you can have your own additional security measures while also getting all the flexibility of cloud infrastructure.

Latency is another factor that determines successful online gaming. Higher latency and slow response to commands can lead to glitches and unnecessary trouble for gamers. Every microsecond counts in the online gaming industry, and servers should always be up to the mark, avoiding latency and response issues. Since cloud gaming systems have server points across the world, latency shouldn't be an issue.

Gaming technology and platforms are changing every day. Frequent updates and upgrades might not be possible for physical infrastructures, but a cloud-based system can ensure you are up-to-date through providers. Scalability is another advantage of having a cloud system. If there is a big launch and companies need more servers to accommodate just that temporary spike in traffic, it is easily possible with the cloud.

Ultimately, gaming is all about enjoying the experience. To achieve that with modern games, there is a need for a strong infrastructure to back it up. Cloud servers, both public and private, are ways to ensure that, no matter where in the world, the gamer or developer is.

VEXXHOST Private Cloud for Gaming

Gaming companies are always striving to provide the best gaming experience for users. With dedicated gaming servers over the cloud, this is possible - VEXXHOST can help companies with it. VEXXHOST provides OpenStack-based cloud solutions, including dedicated and highly secure private cloud environments. We help companies get enterprise-grade clouds without vendor lock-ins or licensing fees. Contact our team for any assistance, and check out our private cloud resource pageto know more about the topic.

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