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How to Provide the Best Cloud Gaming Experience for Users

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The arrival of private clouds in gaming, where companies have independent environments to facilitate their users better, 'changed the game.' Read more.


Long gone are the days when gamers needed really fancy computer systems with high processing powers and maximum storage possible to play games. With cloud gaming, users can play high-quality games online, just like using any streaming service. The processing and storage are taken care of using cloud servers, reducing the need for extensive hardware.

Initially, cloud gaming faced its own share of challenges in providing the best user experience. But, recent advancements in technology and the arrival of private clouds, where companies can have independent environments to facilitate their users better, 'changed the game.' Here is a look at the cloud gaming industry as a whole and how private clouds improve the experience for both gaming companies and gamers.

Cloud Gaming Market & Geography

Like many other industries, the impact of cloud is great in the gaming industry as well. Global accessibility provided for users is key here. With the cloud and steady internet access, any player can play games they want from anywhere in the world. This also improves the reach of gaming companies to more geographical regions of the world.

Gaming is growing everywhere, but the biggest concentration of companies and number of gamers according to geographic location belongs to North America, Europe, China, Japan, Middle East & Africa, India, and South America. Other countries and territories follow suit.

There are very few industries that show a rate of growth like gaming does in terms of market investment and revenues. Cloud gaming had a market share of $170 million in 2019. In 2020, it is valued at $584.7 million, and the industry is projected to be at $3.99 billion by 2027, at a growth rate of 37.86%. Stunning, isn't it?

Identifying Gamer Concerns

The above-mentioned projections and the current growth stimulate game providers to better their offerings and solve any issues faced by gamers. Some of these concerns include:

  • Low Latency
  • Lag during multiplayer gaming
  • Downloading issues for regular updates and offline-mode games
  • Overall user experience
  • Ease in transition across platforms

Most or all of these problems can easily be solved by gaming companies through a dedicated private cloud instead of a shared environment. Let us see how.

How Private Cloud Improves Gaming Experience for Users

Increased compatibility with different devices - Since cloud gaming doesn't depend as much on the power and capacity of consoles, companies can ensure accessibility and compatibility of games to users across various platforms and devices.

Better security - The single-user nature of a private cloud provides utmost security to users from internal and external attacks and protects user information from being extracted. For hosted clouds, data center security also comes as an added advantage.

Improved Scalability - The gaming industry depends a lot on demand and trends. The need for scaling up or down comes often. A reliable private cloud system enables companies to do so.

Dynamic backend support - Private cloud environments are constantly monitored and supported by cloud providers. Support is provided wherever necessary, and there are backup and data recovery systems in place in case there is an emergency.

High availability - By banking on the ease of scalability and storage, a private cloud environment removes latency problems and ensures the graphic processing and memory goals are met across devices. This will help give a streamlined experience for gamers no matter what device they use.

Improved performance - Private cloud environments ensure that regular updates and upgrades happen promptly without the user needing to upgrade their systems. This results in updated gaming performance, always.

Looking for a highly secure private cloud to advance your gaming business? Look no further. VEXXHOST's OpenStack-based private cloud solutions are highly scalable, customizable, and future-ready. Contact us, and let's talk about how to get your private cloud game going. Refer to our resources page if you want to know more about private clouds.

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